February 10, 2018

A Day of Rest...

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I had my annual physical with my new doctor Thursday. Shelly recommended her to me (She's also Shelly's doctor), and it's the first time I've gone to a DO (Doctor of Osteopathy). I loved her! I'm usually healthy, so I'll only plan to see her once a year, but I'm glad to have established a new doctor in Wisconsin now.

I hadn't had a tetanus shot for over ten years, so I was due for one, and after discussing the pros and cons fully with her, I decided to get my flu shot for this year. My little sister got Influenza A the end of January and she's just now starting to feel herself again. I don't want to take the chance of getting sick like that (and I'm so glad she's feeling better!).

Anyway, I got one shot in one arm and one shot in the other. Yesterday, my arms were both tender (possibly from sitting at the sewing machine all day, too), and I was just a bit lethargic all day. We woke up to lots of snow and more falling, so why fight it? I decided to just relax and rest. 

I'll be in the studio today, fulfilling orders and making a few custom Kirby Crossbody Bags. I'm also going to roll out the line I had planned for my quilt show booth that wasn't. I think you'll like what I've been working on.


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Sewing In CT said...

I hear there's lots of snow up north. Show some pics if you like! I can't get enough. :)

Createology said...

Ouch! I am glad you got your tetanus and flu shots. I have done that and my arms are worthless afterwards. It is always good to Rest, Relax and Refresh. Happy sewing...and stay warm from your snow please. <3


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