February 7, 2018

Farmhouse Renovation - Finished Master Bedroom...

Wool Cushion I Made For Mom
My Tasha Tudor book and the cushion I hand stitched for Mom sit right inside our bedroom door. Sis gave the cushion back to me after Mom passed. I treasure it.
Chair Caned By Mom - Now Mine
They book and cushion now sit on a chair that was hand caned by Mom. It's one of the last pieces she worked on, and I'm fortunate to have two of her caned chairs. 
Our Paul Bunyan Bed

Our Paul Bunyan bed greets us as we enter the doorway into the master bedroom. The top of the mattress is 33" off the floor. I may need a small step stool in the future so I'll be able to get into bed.

Long Dresser

I admit it. There's a television in our bedroom. At the end of the day, I like to head upstairs and watch programs I've recorded.

Valentina is also on the dresser, along with a few favorite photographs. I'll be putting something on the wall (mirror or special framed piece) after I decide what I want there.

This is the west wall of our room. The armoire fits here perfectly, along with a comfortable chair for putting on shoes or sitting to read a good book.
Our Finishing Touch - A Favorite Photo Series
This photo series is Handsome and my favorite. It used to hang above our bed in Florida, and now it hangs above our Wisconsin bed. It's where it belongs.
So, there you have it. A mini tour of our master bedroom. The next room on our agenda is the kitchen. I'll tell you more about that in an upcoming post. For now, we're going to enjoy having another completed space in our old farmhouse.


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Createology said...

Everything a Master Bedroom should be...calming, comfortable, loving and restful. Your furniture is just right...strong and sturdy...for your 100 year old Hickory Hill Farmhouse. Sweet Dreams Dear...xo


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