February 3, 2018

Harris Tweed...

Harris Tweed Fabrics
When we went through our accumulated mail yesterday, I opened a package of the most beautiful fabrics. I received a prize package (along with one I'd ordered from Joan Macleod of Harris Tweed Fabric) on the Isle of Harris in the UK.

I belong to her Harris Tweed Facebook group and won a wool assortment (second image from left) from her. Coincidentally, I had just placed an order for the fabrics on the far left. Both packages were in our delivery basket.

The third image (far right), is the light aqua Harris tweed on top of the beautiful wool I received from my girlfriend, Marrianne in New Zealand. That piece of wool is from Donegal, Ireland. I've been holding that bottom piece since I received it. I wanted to create something wonderful with it and nothing spoke to me (yet). 

I'm in love with all these pieces, and I can't wait to cut into them to create something. For now, I may just sit and admire them. Thank you, Joan for the lovely assortment. I'm very grateful.


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Sandra said...

Hi Donna,

Just thought I would put you right about Donegal, it is actually in the Republic of Ireland and not Scotland. I live in County Donegal and visited Donegal town on Monday and bought some charm packs of Donegal Tweed. Hope you enjoy using yours.


Createology said...

Congratulations on your Wool winnings and purchases. These are so gorgeous. I love Wools however they are so expensive and shipping fees are horrible nowadays. I am turning a tad shade of envy green my friend. Gorgeous Wools...<3

Shirley said...

Good Morning, Donna, Your beautiful wools will be beautiful regardless of what you make it into. They are so pretty. I have enjoyed catching up with you my friend. It is supposed to be 43 degrees today so far. I hope it warms up some more. I got my internet and cable tv in my apartment and will gradually be adding furniture to it. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend Shirley

Jacque. said...

oh, what fun...to win something like that! And, fab wool!!! xo


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