September 22, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Hi, Everybody!
Mom said I should be nice today, just in case there were some
new visitors. What? I thought I was nice every, single week?!

Actually, I hadn't planned to be super, sappy, sweet today.
I'd like to register a few grievances to whoever is in charge.
(Aside from Mom and Dad.)

I's been rainin' every stinkin' day since last week.
(It's even pourin' right this very second, as I'm typin' away here.)
I've had this same soggy view every day. My pants have been wet more
 often than dry. They even get a little curly and that's so not my style!

I can't even just run back in the house after I've been out there.
Mom makes me dry off my under parts and paws with a girly towel!
Then, she's gotta get all cuddly and mushy when she's done. sigh
I even have ponds in my front yard now...and they're full of the
noisiest frogs you've ever heard. How am I supposed to do my
business? They're so bad that I can't even think straight. Jeepers!
I know this is partly my fault and partly Mom's fault. See, it's like this. 

We have a friend in California...Miss Sherry at Createology blog. She told 
us that it's dangerously dry and there are lots of fires close to where she lives.
We've been very worried about her, so we kinda made a little promise to her.

Mom and I said that we'd do rain dances for her, hopin' that she'd get enough
water to be safe again. I think it backfired, 'cuz we got the rain instead of her!
I guess it matters where you dance, and you can't telegraph it somewhere else.

"Uh, I think we'd better stop dancin' now, Mom."

We're still gonna pray for rain for Miss Sherry and everyone who really needs
it, but I'm sure we don't need any more of the wet stuff around here, thanks.

I'm gonna stay here where it's high and dry until the weather changes.
Until it does, I think I might take up a new, little karaoke!
I've got a great voice!  AaaaAArRRroOOOooooo! Bark! Bark! 
I'm good, right? (Of course, I am!)
web image
 Heck. If this kid can do it, I sure can!
So, I'm gonna go rehearse now. Inside. Where it's not rainin'.
(Maybe even on the sofa...if Dad's around to chase me off.)

I'll see you next week. Who knows? Maybe I'll even have an
 adventure or two to share with you. 'til then, you know the drill...

"Bark Like Ya Mean It!"


  1. I hope you see some sunshine soon, Tag, and all those frog filled puddles in your yard dry up. I've been doing lots of rain dances for Miss Sherry as well, but with no backfiring...or success. :( By the way, I bet you're just as cute with curly pants! xoxo

  2. oh, poor thing. Well, hopefully, the rain will quit soon and you'll be happy (and dry). In the meantime, stay out of trouble. xo

  3. Oh Tag...Thank You and mom for your dancing efforts. I am sorry you got all the rain and none made it to California. Maybe you can play "leap frog" while you are out in the puddle filled yard. That would be quite the sight and really surprise all those noisy frogs. I think you have something with the singing...A "VOICE" for talented woofies could be a winner. Smooches and Tail Waggin Bliss...

  4. Well, Tag, you have to remember that it is that time of year and you DO live in Florida. Put those two together and what do ya get?? Rain. Here's what you do - sing that song, Rain rain go away . . . and then stop there - don't finish the song!! Love your post!!


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