September 4, 2014

Finished Fans...

I finished making all the fans for our 2016 guild raffle quilt! (yayyy!)
There were a total of sixteen Dresden fans (or half Dresden plates), and four
quarter fans to be added to the corner sections. I love that they're so colorful!
I placed two Dresden fans into a plate formation to audition colors for the
center circles on the plates. I've nearly decided on this salmon-y pink with a 
little darker fleck. I think it fits in with the other batiks without overpowering,
and it's different from the other colors in the fans. I think it finishes them nicely.
Once I'm sure, I'll make all the circles and then they'll be on their way to the
next creative soul(s) to assemble the Dresden borders. This quilt is going to be
another DPQG stunner!!! It will also be queen-sized, just like our last quilt.
This is the finished center section. The Dresden fans will go all around the outside
of this center section. I think all the components are going to be fabulous together!
What do you think so far? Are you liking the color choice for the centers?

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Jacque. said...

WOW! A stunner, for sure! Love the colorful fans!

Createology said...

My new favorite fabrics are batiks. Your fans are perfect bliss and the center circle in salmon is just right. This quilt will be gorgeous! You and your excellent sewing skills are exactly why you were chosen to get this job done my friend. Well done!!! Creative Quilting Bliss Indeed...

Minimiss said...

That is going to be one stunning and brightly coloured quilt. Love it.


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