September 12, 2014

It All Started With A Joke...

I have a friend who loves jokes as much as I do. If we're in the same room
together for more than an hour, we start telling them. One joke leads to another.
Handsome told me a joke about a year ago that involves a penguin, car 
troubles and an ice cream shop. I'm not going to tell you the joke here 
because it's kind of naughty. But, if you really want to hear it, you can send 
me an email with your return email address and I'll share it with you.

Anyway, I told my friend this joke and she loved it. She told her husband as
soon as she got home, and then she told another group of friends - some of
whom she said "didn't get it". When she told me that, we laughed even more!

So you can imagine my delight when she just walked up to me one 
evening, said, "I found a present for you." and plopped this fabric down 
in front of me. We were in a roomful of women and they all wondered 
what happened to me, because I fell apart. I broke out laughing (and my 
laugh can be quite raucous when something funny tickles me). 

I knew right away that I'd be making something special for her out of part 
of the fabric - and that I'd make the same thing for myself to remind me of 
this shared joke. I decided to make it yesterday to give to her at our retreat.
Of course, I'm taking a huge gamble, hoping she's too busy to see my blog
before I give it to her. I want her to giggle just as much giving this to her
as I did when she plopped that fabric down in front of me. There's even
enough of the penguin fabric for an iPad case, which Handsome requested!

(This is the Sewing Organizer pattern that I designed and have available 
for purchase in my Craftsy shop. Click HERE if you'd like your own copy.)
The coordinating fabrics came from my stash. I hope she thinks of me each
time she sees (and uses) this...and remembers our shared sense of humor.
I really can't wait to see and her her reaction...
all because of one, silly joke.

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Lesley said...

Great little organizer and a wonderful way to share your joke!

Createology said...

IIIIII love that you share laughter over a silly joke and now have a fabulous organizer each along with a cover to give to Handsome who started it all. Life is so much better when shared with friends and laughter. Creative Humor Bliss Dear.

hungryhippie said...

I love that this fabric means so much to you, your story has made me smile. I'm buying your pattern right now, I didn't realize you had this out. XOXO

Minimiss said...

Nice and cute fabric.


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