September 26, 2014

Stitching, Cyphering and Sewing...

I decided on the border fabric for my Jelly Roll Jam II quilt.
After I attach this, I'll be adding the tan/ivory piano keys, but first things first.
I had to figure out how much fabric to cut for those borders.

Do you know how to calculate how much fabric is needed?
Do you want to know? (If not, you can skip the rest of this post and wait
for a picture of the finished top - or even the finished quilt - on Monday.)
My actual calculation. I'll still round up to 6 strips.
If you're still reading, you'd like to know how to calculate how much fabric you need for the border. Here's your answer...
1) measure the length of your quilt, down the center of the quilt
2) measure the width of your quilt, again down the center of the quilt 
(Why down the middle, you ask? Pulling the edges could distort the fabric and skew the numbers.)
3) Double both of those numbers and add them together. (length x 2, plus width x 2 = total number of border inches)
4) Add 10" for creating the mitered corners and joining binding ends.
5) Divide that number by 40 (40 is the likely number of inches in the full width of the fabric, after removing - and saving - the selvage.)
The resulting number is the number of strips you need to cut to have enough to border your fabric.
Example: Your quilt measures 64" long x 48" wide
64" x 2 = 128
+48" x 2 = 96
 224 + 10 = 234
   divided by 40
= 5.85
I round that number UP and cut 6 strips of fabric my desired width.
If you want 6" strips, multiple 6 x 6 and you will need 36" (or 1 yard) of fabric.
In my case, I'm going to cut 3" strips (3 x 6 = 18"), so I only need a half yard of fabric to do my borders. 
So, I'm going to attach my first border and then measure and cut my piano keys to add outside the red border. In case you're wondering, my self-imposed deadline to finish the Strawberries s mid-month, October. When I take breaks from the stitching, I can fill in my time with sewing. Lucky me!!!

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hungryhippie said...

Say what????? LOLOLOL!!! Seriously though, thinking of your friend in previous post, sending healing energy her way. She's lucky to have you as a friend. Love the quilt, as ever. XX And will check out your friend's new venture as well. Have a great weekend!

Jacque. said...

That is going to be such a beautiful quilt, Donna! I actually have some scraps of that red you're using for a border. Love it! And, I calculate my borders just like that...except I've only done mitered corners once. Should do it more often, I suppose. Have fun sewing...I will, too.

Createology said...

Thank you very much and I did read down to the bottom of your post. I am not a quilter, however I do need to know these things..."just in case". Some day I hope to sash (?) and finish my Farmers Wife wall hanging blocks. I keep thinking "when I retire" which oh-by-the-way was years ago but who's counting. I feel "sassy" today. Creative Saturday Bliss My Friend...


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