September 25, 2014

Time Out Of The Studio...

 It's been a while, but yesterday I got to spend hours with my girlfriend, Amy.
 We had so much fun catching up that I didn't even think to snap a photograph
 to share...that much fun! (This one is from a day we spent together a while ago.)

Amy, her daughter and son, Megan and Clay, have joined their creative minds
and talents to form a new company called "Post Stitch". I had to find out all
about their new venture and am so excited for them. Please click HERE to see
their website and learn more about their online knitting projects-in-a-box.

She left late day to go to fly north. She's going to spend a little time with
Megan's family in Georgia, but we'll be getting together again as soon
as she gets back. I'm looking forward to seeing her again. I love this gal!
web image
Handsome and I are also taking turns helping a dear friend with eye troubles.
Wednesday, I took her for a surgical procedure and yesterday, Handsome did
the follow-up appointment with her. She's going to need another surgery, so
today, I'll be taking her to a specialist in Ft. Myers for a preliminary evaluation.
Please say prayers for her. The doctors are thinking she might have macular
degeneration. She's one of my Paneras friends, but more than that, she's a dear,
loving friend. We're praying that the surgeries will reveal other, curable issues and
not a slow loss of her eyesight. We'll know more today after she sees the doctor.
I'm taking my ribbonwork projects with me. They're great busy work while I wait.

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Createology said...

Prayers and Healing Energy for your Paneras Friend. Thank you and Handsome for being such great helpful support to her in this time of need and comfort. Spending your day with Amy must have been fun to forget photos. Best in her new venture PostStitch. Blessings Dear...

Kris said...

Prayers for your friend, Donna!!


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