September 2, 2014

I Don't Even Know How This Happened...

Last week, a group of guild members gathered at my friend, Susan's house to
work on blocks for the next guild raffle quilt. Although the show isn't until 2016,
the quilt is always finished by the beginning of the year prior to the show. Then
it can travel to various shops and venues to raise funds leading up to the show. 
Six of us pulled out our sewing machines and pieced the fabrics that Susan had
cut and prepared for the interior section of the quilt. We finished all of them.
Susan is the co-chair for the show, and she also drew the new quilt design in EQ.
Her design is in the picture above, but the colors are only as a representation 
of the variations, not the actual colors. The entire quilt will be worked in batiks. 
When we got together, we all managed to create the blocks for the entire interior 
section of the quilt. The blocks slowly change in value from the bottom to the top.
Remember my two Dresden plate quilts last year? Yeah. So did Susan. She packed
 up all the fabrics for the half Dresdens around the interior border and sent them 
home with me! She's really smooth, right? So, even though I said I was going to 
take a break from guild quilt show projects, here I sit with stacks of fabrics.
I've been cutting 5-1/2" wide strips of batik fabrics into the wedges used to 
create all the sections of the plates. I need to cut lots of different colors so that 
I can make a few of the blocks just to be sure they are going to fit properly 
into the design. Then, I can also be sure they'll fit in all around the quilt, too.
Susan and another guild member, Ann, met up late last week. They joined all
the blocks together that we'd made at the first get-together.  Now, they're waiting 
 for these plates to be done to do the next section. So, here I am again...working 
on another raffle quilt...for now. This time, I'm content to let others finish it up.
 I'll see how far I can get with this today. My plan is to hand this off finished
portion to another member this evening at our board meeting. Fingers crossed.

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Leeanne said...

Very smooth work on your friends part! i shall have to remember those tactics!!
I have never made Dresdens like that, I have always done English paper piecing. Looks like a nice quilt, your other Dresden quilts are beautiful.

Jacque. said...

Morning, Donna. Yes, it's funny how those things happen. ~grin~ Those colors are luscious...have fun.

Gloria M said...

Welcome back Donna, Somehow I guess that little "break" you took rejuvenated you right into the guild quilt. Good luck finishing your part early and getting on with those beautiful projects you bought this summer. By the way beautiful fabric in the quilt, it looks very interesting and I will be bidding on that quilt...

Createology said...

When you need something to get done you always seek out the busiest person...that would be you my dear. Looks like you have gotten the job done and in record time. Handing Off...Good Luck!

Laurie said...

I'm working on a Dresden plate right now for my great grand daughter. I have the same tool you do and love it. I really like the solids you're using, this is going to be beautiful!!


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