September 9, 2014

I'd Love Your Opinions...

I finished all four blocks from my mini quilt kit. It's a great design for honing 
paper piecing skills. I mean, repeat the same thing sixteen times and it's flat
impossible not to become proficient in any given technique. (Well, unless you
repeat the same thing one hundred times more...which I won't be doing here.)
Here's my dilemma, and I'd love your opinion on this. I'm not at all sold on the
 kit fabric chosen for the sashing, border and binding. While I like the fabric on
 its own, I'm concerned that it detracts more than it enhances this final design.
  My first photo shows the kit fabric behind the blocks to give you an idea of 
what it might look like. This photo showss the blocks on a white background
to help you consider other colors. So, what do you think? What would you do?
If I don't use the kit fabric, what would you suggest? Help me think outside 
the box, please. I'll tell you that Handsome was the first one to question the 
use of the fabric, and he's got a photographer's critical eye. I couldn't avoid 
a second look once he told me he thought the fabric overpowered the blocks.
I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts.

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Jillayne said...

Well, yes - I think perhaps he might be right, if the idea was to use it as a border. What about a narrow strip of it inserted between white borders? I think large-scale prints like this can look quite interesting when they are cut into very narrow strips... it's hard to know though, without being able to get in there with you and fiddle around with it...
Love the blocks Donna - they look perfect!

Danice said...

Yes, I have to agree with Jillayne. A narrow strip would look really good. And the white is not over powering. I am new to quilting, but white usually looks good paired with bright colors and prints. You did a great job on the blocks :)

Lesley said...

Love your blocks! The flower fabric is a little overwhelming but it is such a perfect match for the blocks. Not sure what I would do...but I do like the idea of smaller strips.

Carol at Serendipity said...

Good morning,

I think that the blocks would hold their own depending on the width of the sashing and borders (with all due respect to Handsome). Narrow sashing and narrow borders would be quite interesting. Try a few small pieces. Raw edges are always a distraction.


Gloria M said...

Good Morning Donna, I have to agree with Handsome. The huge floral is beautiful, but all I see is flowers when I looked at it behind the blocks, kind of washed the blocks out. What about small neutrals and the deep shade of green for the strips. I am no pro at quilting, but I do enjoy color. By the way, the blocks are fabulous...

Gloria M said...

Donna, what about that tiny little soft pink in that block, maybe some strips??? Just a thought.

Buttons said...

Good morning Donna,
As you know, I am not a quilter. But I love them!
I agree with handsome, I love the florals, but the large flowers seem out of place. But, I really like the green section of branches and leaves with the touches of red "berries". I can see mostly shades of green with the red accents on the outer edges to bring out the green from the center of the blocks. Maybe a narrow strip of white in between? Maybe that is not "out of the box" enough, but I would think of that as a nice soothing holiday look. Snuggled with a cuppa of course! :)

Olivia said...

I agreed with handsome as soon as I saw the fabric. Very pretty, but a bit too much pattern going on between the two.
Maybe a subtle 2-color plaid (one of the colors being white), or a pin dot print?

Jackie said...

For me, it's the patches of white in the border print that are distracting. My eye keeps going to it. If the white wasn't here, I think my eye would go to the block themselves.

Kris said...

Hi Donna - I guess I am going to be the naysayer here. I think your blocks are beyond gorgeous but they are very - how do I say this without sounding harsh? They are very un-flowery - does that work? My point is that with a sashing, which will be how wide-2-3 inches? The flowers will cut up to just be touches of the same colors in your blocks with a pop of black. I think it would be stunning. Try it one one block with a long basting stitch and if you don't like it after you look again, pull it out and go with something different. I personally think the white would wash the color in those incredible blocks out. Just my 2 cents worth!! :0) Can't wait to see what you do!!

Stitching Cat said...

I'm with Kris. I prefer the large floral to the white . Once you have cut the floral to a strip I think you have a different look to the fabric. What about a red and white check, either as the border or perhaps cut on the bias for a separation between the blocks and the floral? Will be interested to see what you come up with. I know whatever you do, it will be gorgeous!


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