September 3, 2014

Stormy Weather...

We've had rainstorms blowing through the past two days. We're expected to
have more of the same the rest of this week, too! It's perfect weather for
staying inside and working in the studio. I did have appointments each day,
but when we got back home, I could be found working on the Dresden plates.
Florida has some of the most stunning post-storm skies. The interplay between
clouds, light and dark can sometimes leave a person breathless. I love how the
light bounces off the top of the clouds like spotlights in the left side of this picture.
  As sunset gives way to darkness, the last bits of light peek over the clouds
 turning the sky shades of orange and purple. Night falls and the world rests. 
I'll finish the plates today and catch a few photos to share tomorrow.
Happy Thursday!

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Createology said...

Lovely sky photos. I have always enjoyed sunsets and sunrises. We still have no rain and keep praying for no fires as our temperatures are in the 90's. Blissful Studio Time Dear...


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