September 29, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - Here We Go Again...

Disapprovin' Corgi Look
Hi, Everybody!

Boy, am I peeved. Not only is it still rainin', but yesterday I missed all the
 action. I know. You're wonderin' just what the heck I'm even talkin' about.

There was all kinds of activity around this place again. I can't give you details
yet, but I'm seriously feelin' like that golden Retriever in the Bush's Baked Beans
commercial. I'm bustin' at the seams to tell you, but Mom swore me to secrecy.
Mom said I could share one picture today. Here it is. Doesn't tell you much, does it?

You're wonderin' where I was durin' all this activity, too, aren't you? You'd think I'd
be right in the thick of it...supervisin' and givin' these guys directions and stuff, right?
Yeah. No.
Here's where they put me. Waaaayyy back here. I could see a lot of
what they were up to, but there were no treats, pets or snuggles.

I was told to hang out here so I didn't get stepped on, but HEY!! I'm
a herdin' dog. We were bred to herd ducks, sheep and COWS even!
We know how to stay out of the way. What a stinkin' lame excuse!

So, I don't have any cool outside pictures to show you 'cuz of the crummy
weather, and I can't show you what was goin' on in the house 'cuz it's secret.

I complained to Mom and she promised (PROMISED) that we're gonna do
somethin' extra special for next week. I've got a reputation to uphold, after all.
 I guess a guy's gotta almost file a formal protest to get attention around here.

Well, I'm gonna give her a list of grievances and a list of things I think we
 should do together this week. I'm even curious to see just what I write
about next Tuesday. I hope you'll come back again! 'til then...
"Bark Like Ya Mean It!"

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Lesley UK said...

Hi Tag, just seeing your handsome little face is good enough for me.
Hope someone springs you from jail soon. Blessings Little One and to Mum and Dad

Jacque. said...

hmmmm...excitement abounds! You're a good boy, Tag, though you do seem to whine a bit much. ~grin~ Looking forward to hearing what is going on! xo

Pat said...

Tag I feel sorry for you I know you want to be out there supervising. But, QMom wants you to be safe and I am sure she will give you extra treats and snuggles for being so good.

Createology said...

Oh Tag I do see the "look". It is hard to imagine you being stuck in a cage without any fun at all, however if you were supervising those workers they couldn't possibly get any work done for playing with you and having fun. Now that wouldn't do at all for getting secret stuff done! I am certain Mom and Dad will more than make up for this inconvenience you are having to put up with. At least you have a front row view! Smooches...

carolg said...

Tag, I am feeling your pain. Contractors and their big noisy saws and hammers day in and day out. On top of THAT, my mom is "landscaping" the backyard with that scary wheelbarrow thing. Tag, we need a corgcation. XXOO Quinn


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