September 7, 2014

Playing and Piecing...

  Handsome, Tag and I had a wonderful weekend.
While Handsome was tidying up his drum equipment and setting up a 
pair of JBL speakers that we've had for eons, I spent the same amount 
of time cleaning and polishing all the teak furniture in his office. 
Once the speakers were up and connected, music filled the house. We 
played Joe Cocker, The Beatles and we even danced to a little doo wop, 
courtesy of the Manhattan Transfer! (We've seen them in concert multiple 
times, so we have great fun listening to their music.) Tag wasn't quite sure 
what was going on, but he happily spent his time supervising our activities. 
To celebrate his newly cleaned office, my grateful husband asked me out 
on a date. He didn't want me spending part of the evening in the kitchen, 
so he and I got dressed up and went to a local restaurant for a lovely
dinner. It was the perfect end to a wonderful day spent together.
Football day at our home. Handsome put his feet up and enjoyed the games.
I, on the other hand, retreated to the studio and worked on my paper piecing
project. I finished the last block after dark, so my little piece is almost done. 
Our weekend was a nice blend of home and studio projects...and don't
forget we danced! There's nothing better than being with your best friend.
Tag can't wait to visit tomorrow. 
I hope you have a great week ahead of you, too!

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Jacque. said...

That sounds like a great weekend, Donna...dinner, dancing, cleaning, sewing...what really could be better than that??

Gloria M said...

Sounds like the "perfect" weekend to me. Love it...

Sharon Chapman said...

It does sound good. I can see you dancing and Tag directing.!

Buttons said...

What a fun and content weekend! Both fortunate to spend our weekends with our best "boyfriends". :)


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