September 14, 2014

I'm Retreating...

I'm in Sebring! I arrived around 1:00 yesterday afternoon and within an hour,
I was visiting, meeting new people, catching up with friends - and sewing. 
I decided that my Piecemakers fabric was part of my first project.
I purchased this kit from a shop in Cedarburg when we were in Wisconsin. 

The fabric is from Kathy Schmitz' "Piecemakers" line. Remember when I won
giveaway on Kathy's blog? I received this fabric line in a full jelly roll and a 
layer cake. Then I got some yardage so I could make a whole quilt. I love this
line so much that, if I'm not careful, it will become part of my "permanent" 
stash...too precious to use. I must cut it up before it achieves permanent status.
I finished my Sew and Go™ Sewer's Wallet shortly after dinner and now I'll be
  able to use it during the rest of the retreat. It has a coin/bill section; a place for 
my name tag (or in this case, business cards); and glasses case on the front and...
a place for my scissors and other sewing tools on the back...or the whole
wallet can be used for travel instead - passport, airline tickets and such.
I know I'll make it again, but it will go a lot faster if I use pre-quilted 
fabrics next time. I think the quilting (before I could cut out the parts) 
took me the most time to do. So, do you like it? What do you think?

If anyone is looking for me, I'll be one of the smiling faces in our work
 room at Inn on the Lakes in Sebring. I'll be working on a quilt today.

Tag will be back tomorrow. 
I bet he and Handsome are having a ball together!

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Jacque. said...

ohmygosh...I love that fabric! And, the Sewer's Wallet, too! Have a great time...sewing and visiting with your friends.

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Pretty Lady! I love your wallet!...Donna, your sewing is always so neat and tidy and truly professional looking. I wish I could sew like you do!...I never got to see how your new studio turned out. I think the last update I read was when you were installing the floor. I'm going to search that now. I can only imagine how wonderful it is!!! Missed you sweetie! Love and hugs, xoxo Paulette

Gloria M said...

Good morning Donna, I love the Sewer's Wallet. What a great choice of fabric. If you make another, I sure would like to see it on your Etsy. Have fun sewing today.

Createology said...

I abhore missing your daily posts as you are always making the most wonderful projects. Enjoy your retreat my friend. Thank goodness I got to see this fabulous fabric organizer. Creative Retreat Bliss Dear...

Leeanne said...

Beautiful Donna! I too have a fat quarter bundle of this fabric, I LOVE it!!! I like what you have made, very handy too.

Sharon said...

I need that fabric! And if I find it I will buy it even if I am on a fabric purchase diet! Beautiful work.

Sharon said...

I need that fabric! And if I find it I will buy it even if I am on a fabric purchase diet! Beautiful work.


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