September 24, 2014

Starting Something New (Again)...

Just a peek at what I'm working on the rest of this week.

I have a commission for five of my Strawberry Rose Sachets that will be 
Christmas gifts for five sisters. I want to make sure that they're ready in plenty
of time for my client, so I'm going to be working on them until they're done.

These can be filled with wool, crushed walnuts and/or lavender, so they can
be pincushions or decor in addition to sachets. You can choose your favorite.
  I've gathered my supplies (many more than shown), and I've prepared
my ground fabrics. Five Strawberries in five different colors of silky
goodness. I'm looking forward to this. It's going to be so much fun!

If you're interested in ordering one or more for yourself or as gifts,
please go to the "Brynwood Boutique" (link is in my top menu bar) to
 place your orders in time for Christmas. You can also click HERE for 
pricing or more information. These are handcrafted by special order.
Please contact me through my email link if you'd like a color not listed.
You can find other treasures there, or ready-made gifts in my Etsy shop.

4 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Jacque. said...

Wow...congrats on your order. Those will be wonderful for the sisters to have. Looking forward to seeing the finished products. Have fun!

Leeanne said...

Stunning gifts!

Janine said...

Your sachet is beautiful. It will be lovely for the five sisters to those :)

Createology said...

Your work is always perfection. These Strawberries will be wonderful gifts. I treasure mine from you! Creative Strawberry Bliss...


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