September 8, 2014

Tuesdays With Tag - I Was Born A Ramblin' Man...

Hi, Everybody!
I can hardly believe that another week has flown by since we last met.
I had hoped to bring you somethin' new and excitin', and instead I get
to show you pictures of me in Mom's studio. Yup. Right here in the studio.
This is where you can find me when Mom's workin' in here. I sometimes kinda
wink at her like this. She always winks back and says, "I don't know what that
means, Tag, but I'm gonna wink back at you just in case it's some kinda code."
I can't help gigglin' inside. It doesn't mean anythin', but I like to mess with her.
I know Mom really likes this new floor in here, but geez! It's real slippery to 
run around on. A guy could skid around for a while before gettin' good traction.

Anyway, this is how I look at her when I want her to pay attention to me. If 
that doesn't work, I usually stand up with my front paws on her knee and poke
at her elbow. That way she knows I'm really, really serious. When I've gotta go,
I've gotta go, ya know? I mean, just how much time can a person spend in here?

She's cuttin' stuff, movin' it around and then puttin' it all back together again.
What's the sense in that, anyway? It's nice to see her smile when she's done though.
We had such a great weekend. Mom even picked me up and we were dancin'! Next
thing ya know, she's holed up back in here again, playin' music and sewin' away!
So this is how I spent my Monday. Takin' a nap in Mom's studio...dreamin'
about swimmin' in the pool, and maybe even dancin' a little more. Anythin'
to get everybody out of the house and payin' attention to my very own self.

Enough already, Mom. You're killin' me, here! I got lots of Corgi energy just
waitin' for some awesome runnin' to wear me out. I was born a ramblin' man!

I hope all of you weren't as bored by my post this week as I was livin' it!
I'll try to bug Mom until we actually do somethin' new for you to read about.

Thanks for comin' back to visit with me. I think I'll take a nap while she gets
this blanket thingy done. Sittin' around is makin' me tired. 'til next week...
"Bark Like Ya Mean It!"

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Ruth said...

Morning Tag...... Patience buddy.... Mom's got her sewin groove back and that's a good thing, trust me. She's happy and that means more swimin and playin for you. Wink**Wink..............

Jacque. said...

Oh Tag...such are the woes of having a creative Mom. My Tag follows me around when I am cutting/sewing/pressing...and I am sure that his thoughts are the same as yours. Because, really...what could be more important? Tag and I listen to music all of the time...used to be Led Zeppelin and now it's mostly Christian music. What is your fave genre? Til next week...xo

TerriSue said...

Dear Tag,
It seems like forever since I have written you. Mama has been sick like forever. I know because Mama never leaves the house and she has been going to what she calls specialists. She will go to one or two and then back to her regular doctor and then he sends her to more. She has even been in the hospital twice this last year in someplace they call the ICU. I just know they wouldn't let me go see her. I wish my Mama would sew. I used to have fun sitting on her feet while she did. She says she hasn't got the strength to right now. She knits and tats and embroiders a little but not for very long periods. She takes me outside when I um need to um go outside, but we always come right back in because she can't handle the heat. Basically I just sit on her lap all day. Oh, and remember when I was on that diet where half my food was pumpkin puree? Well I'm back on it!! Mama had Daddy weigh me and I weighed 7 1/4 pounds. Since I'm supposed to weigh between 5-6 pounds, I'm back on my diet again. They started watching to see how I had gained weight and I was nabbed. I had sort of worked out a deal with my buddy Seamus who happens to be their grandson and we had a thing going where he was sharing with me. Well he has been forbidden to do that anymore. He get's a lot of variety where as with me, as I am sure it is with you, it's the same thing day in and day out. It was nice talking to you again Tag. I've missed you.

Kris said...

Well, Tag the man - the ramblin' man! You continue to crack me up!! Better get out in that swimmin' pool while ya can cuz the snow will be here before ya know it!! Whoo! Hoo!! And I hope Bitabit's mom gets better soon!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Thanks, Miss Ruth, Miss Jacque, Bitabit and Miss Kris...

I sure do like it when I get comments! Mom is a happy girl when she's being creative, and that translates to "happy" for me, too! She even gives me an occasional treat while she's workin'. (Those sweet potato chews are my favorite!)

Sorry your mom still isn't feelin' well, Bitabit. Please tell her Mom and I say a prayer for her at bedtime every night.

Miss Kris - It's my personal mission to spread laughter and love to all my friends. I'm a satisfied boy knowin' I'm succeedin' in my quest.

Love you all like sweet potato chews!

Jillayne said...

Hey Tag - love your mama's new studio - it looks like a splendid place to be!


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