September 10, 2014

By Jove, I Think I've Got It...

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on yesterday's post. 
I read (and think I replied to) every one of them and tried your suggestions.

No matter how I tried, that luscious fabric included with the kit just wasn't
going to work. Even skinnied down to 1", there was too much white to avoid.
I love the fabric, but not for this project. I'll save it to use with something else.

What to do? Go shopping in the studio, of course!
I liked the comments suggesting I skew this toward a holiday piece by going 
with the red/pink/green colorway or a plaid-patterned fabric, so I started 
thinking about what I had that might incorporate all those colors in one fabric. 

I remembered purchasing a fabric like that when Sandy's Quilt Shop was 
going out of business (bowing head). I climbed my step ladder until I could 
reach the right shelf on my "tower" cubby storage. Bingo! I found it! 
When I put with the blocks, it worked!
  While I was up there, I found a "pinky" red that would coordinate, too.
When I laid everything out like this a light bulb went on...table runner!
I'm thinking I'll use the much more subtle tone-on-tone floral as the main 
fabric, turn the blocks on point and then use the patterned fabric for the 
backing and binding. You like? It's ok. You can be honest.
I'm saving the assembly for a few days. I'm heading off to another retreat
with my gal pal, Susan Slaton on Sunday. I'll be in Sebring, FL until 
Wednesday...three full days of sewing, creating and sharing girl time.
I'll pack this with my other projects and work on it while I'm there.
One more very important thing:
web image
Today is Patriots' Day.
My prayer is that today, and in all the days ahead, our country is never again
attacked as we were on that fateful day thirteen years ago. Today, I'll be
pausing to reflect on the events of 9.11.01 and remember those who were lost.
Stay safe and vigilant, my friends.

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