October 1, 2012

Tuesdays With Tag - Thanks, Aunt Marion...

 Hi, Everybody!
I had a really great week, but I'm glad to see you again.
This week, Mom (and I) received a box from my Aunt Marion.
She's my brother's mom and I love her lots.

 She surprised us me with a new mug.
I have a little trouble reading, so no matter how long I looked at it, 
I couldn't figure out what it said. Mom told me what was on the sides.

 She giggled and said this side was her "affirmation" to "Think Pawsitive".
I like that a lot - but I already do that!

 It was this side that I loved the most...
It's my trademark signature! Isn't it cool?

Thank you, Aunt Marion. Tell Trip that I love my new mug,
and can't wait to see you next month. You're the best!
(Oh, and Mom really loves it, too. I think she'll be the one to use it.)

So, that's all for this week. I'm gonna go hang around with Mom.
She's a little under the weather. Don't worry. 
She'll be fine with Dad and me to take care of her.
 (She always tells me that!)

I'll see ya next week. 'til then...
Look up there! (snort)

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laurajane said...

It's a great mug Tag.Hope mum is soon well,give her my love.
Laura and Lilly xx

downsize said...

So glad you liked it...the moment I saw it I knew it was made for you!

Createology said...

Tag your Aunt Marion is very thoughtful and knows you well. I know you will take good care of mom and give her lots of smooches. I will be thinking "Pawsitively". Bark less...wag more!

Sharon said...

I love the mug Tag. You are a very special dog and I know you will take good care of Donna. She is so lucky to have you there giving her great paw-care! Thank her for the note and I wish her well for sure.

Michelle May said...

That is just too darn cute!

Beedeebabee said...

Tag...your posts are just so cute! Love that mug! xo


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