October 5, 2012

Weekend Friendship Blocks...

Friendship Block from Sunny
Two more beautiful friendship blocks arrived from talented women participating in the Farmer's Wife quiltalong this week.

I received this happy block from Sunny of Quilting Dreams. I love the clovers and tiny flowers, and how she coordinated with the red print fabric. It really is a "sunny" block!

Thank you, my dear. It's wonderful and I can't tell you how much I appreciate your generosity. I'll be sending a block to you, too!
Friendship Block from Renee
The second block I opened this week came from Renee at Wren's Nest. Red, white and blue on a yellow ground. Another cheerful block to add to the quilt I'm going to create from the charming blocks I have received. 
Renee added a sweet pink, floral key fob with her block. Isn't it the most feminine keychain you've ever seen?I love it, and she made it!!! (See her "Wren's Nest" label?)

Thank you, Renee for the gifts you sent my way this week. I really appreciate that you took the time to make a special block just for me. You'll also be receiving a block in return. (Wow! I like that I'm going to have quite a few friendship blocks to reciprocate! Isn't that great?)

I am so grateful for the blocks that Sunny and Renee sent to me. I know how long it takes to create a block, and I thank you both for the time you took to make something just for me. I'm humbled. Really.

Be sure to click on their blog links to visit them. I'm sure you'll find lots of interesting things, and they'll be glad to know you stopped by. Leave a little note to let them know you were there.

I'll show you my project progress on Monday. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. If you're in the north, may you have a warm quilt to wrap up in when the weather gets cooler. If you're in the south, may it soon be cool enough to need one!

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Raewyn said...

Lovely blocks Donna - you sure are getting bombarded aren't you??!!

Createology said...

These blocks are beautiful. I love each persons fabric combinations. How fun for you to be receiving "Friendship" blocks from the FW QAL.
Thank you Donna Dear for all your help on my learning paper piecing. I just posted on my blog about it.
Stitching Bliss Dear...


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