October 28, 2012

Memory Lane Monday - Halloweens Past...

This Memory Lane Monday is so close to Halloween that I thought I'd make it the theme for this month. Rather than focus on the spooky and mischievous aspects of the day, I'm going to share a few "dress up" memories. Perhaps they aren't specifically Halloween, but dress up is fun any time of the year, isn't it?
If you were a kid during the Baby Boomer era, you most likely had a cowboy or cowgirl outfit. Handsome and his little brother were no exception. I love this picture and I think they're adorable. Look at those smiles...and the boots!
Before we came to Florida, I was a Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. The last year I attended Seminar in Dallas, Texas, our party theme was "Fabulous Fifties". You aren't surprised to see that I dressed up as one of the Pink Girls, are you? My girlfriend, Wendi (not pictured) is a hairdresser, so she was all too happy to give me a bouffant hairdo for my long hair. We had a ball.
I looked to find the one photograph that was taken of Handsome and me early in our relationship when we went to a Halloween party. I made my own velvet cat costume, and a long, hooded robe for Handsome. He went as Merlin and I was his black cat. Sorry I couldn't locate the photograph to share with you, but I promise to look more throughout today. If I find it, I'll scan and include it here.
I'll close today with a photograph of Kessie dressed as a witch. I think I may have shared this picture with you before (a long time ago), but I can't share a Halloween memory without including her picture again.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween this year. I just can't imagine anything more fun than choosing a costume and getting dressed up. Be safe, take care of the children and don't eat too much candy.
Thanks for joining this Memory Lane Monday. If you have a memory to share, please write about it on your blog and link back here (below). If you don't have a blog, go ahead and share a memory in your comment so others can read it.

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Createology said...

Great photos of costumes past. I never really liked Halloween with all of its scary blood and gore. Now that I realize it is anything we want I am enjoying it so much more. I still eat too much candy! Happy Haunting Halloween and Lots of Treats Dear...


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