October 10, 2012

I Guess I'm A Little Dotty...

When sorting and arranging my fabrics last week, I realized something that I'd suspected for a while. I love fabrics with polka dots (and swirls, too, but that's a post for another time).
After rearranging the folded pieces, I looked into my cabinets to find more dots on the shelves. See the dots right in the middle of all those reds and blacks?

...and again here, to be used a a backing for the food-themed fabric for napkins. I really should make those soon, because I think they'll be really pretty.
Look at this soft green and white dot tucked in with some of my green yardage. Oops! There's a swirl fabric!
I'm sure there are more, but these were the last of the dots that jumped out at me. These are tucked in with a fabric line that has a coffeehouse theme. I know. You haven't seen anything made with that - yet. I sometimes fear that I love a fabric so much, I'm afraid to cut into it. (Has that ever happened to you?) I really should add that to my short list. Perhaps a new table quilt for the kitchen...with matching napkins...and a set of placemats. There really is enough fabric for all of that. sigh

So. I guess it's official. I'm really dotty. I'm going to scuff my toe, lower my head and tip toe away now. (giggle)

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Minimiss said...

I love dots too. They are a classic.

Sue said...

nothing wrong with a dot, they just look so friendly. I envy you all your beautiful fabric

laurajane said...

Haha,we all know you're (Dotty Donna)but we love you anyway.LOL.xx

Lesley said...

Your fabrics are just so delicious! I love how you photograph them...looks like they are right in front of me!

Createology said...

How wonderful to see your fabrics. I adore polka dots yet don't seem to have many. Looking at your fabrics all neatly kept is like a trip to the finest fabric store...fabriliciious! When you purchase fabric is there a particular amount you tend to buy just because? New pieces for the kitchen would be wonderful. Drooling but not onto your fabrics...:o)

Kathy Ellen said...

So many wonderful fabrics to choose from, whenever you want to sew or finish something! Love those chocolatey polka dots!

Terri Sue said...

I've always liked dots. I love all of your fabrics. What fun I see in all of these pictures.


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