October 23, 2012

Patchwork Pumpkins...

Before we headed to Wisconsin, I showed the girls the Shabby Fabrics website image of this pattern for a Patchwork Pumpkin Table Runner. We all wanted this pattern, so Kathy and Nora ordered one for each of us, plus extras for future sales. When we got to the shop last Saturday morning, all of our patterns were waiting for us.
I almost never do holiday themes, but I will do seasonal themes from time to time. This pattern was irresistible to me. When I got home from the shop, I sorted through my stash and assembled the fabrics that would be used in my runner. I began working on it on Sunday afternoon.
I started stitching on my block at Paneras over coffee and conversation with the knitting/crocheting/sewing girls. I still have the leaf and stem to stitch down on the first block, but I have all four blocks appliqued' and awaiting my hand sewing.
The pattern calls for two different colored leaves (two of each), so I'm showing you my choices. I just know that Brenda and Fay will have theirs completed by Saturday. They usually machine applique' their blocks and I like hand stitching mine. We'll see how far I get. I'm looking forward to seeing mine finished and adorning our teak dining room table through Thanksgiving.

If your heart skipped a beat when you saw this pattern, you can click on the pattern title above. It's a link to order your own copy.

I wish you a joyful and creative day today!

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laurajane said...

Donna it's really lovely.x

Chris said...

Those pumpkins are fabulous!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Donna honey this is so pretty.
Gosh I have missed you. I have been a bad friend and blogger. Not myself these days but hopefully will get back on track.

Createology said...

Beautiful Pumpkins with delicious fabrics. A treasure for generations to come. Falling into Autumn Bliss...

Sherri said...

I just love those quilted pumpkins!!!


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