October 21, 2012

Cutting Edge...

I took this photo a few months ago. I was cleaning out the work drawers in my studio and realized that I have amassed quite a collection of scissors. You already know I love pincushions and all things acorn, but even I didn't realize that I'd been collecting scissors!

You'll see my beautiful green-handled Kai scissors. They have a serrated edge which holds even the slipperiest fabrics. There are Gingher scissors of all types and sizes, along with dressmaker shears in two sizes, antique Sheffield scissors and a treasured pair of embroidery scissors in a tooled sheath that I purchased when I owned Stitches in Wisconsin.

There are scissors for applique' work, machine embroidery work, a pair that leave a pinked edge, and there are pairs of snips, large and small. There are bent-end, curved tip and hooked to get under the tiniest, finest stitches. There are scissors that fold, too.

Arrrgh! As I looked at my photograph, I realized that the beautiful rabbit embroidery scissors that were a gift from my blog-bestie, Shell May didn't make the shoot. In my defense, they're attached to the gorgeous pincushion that she made for me, so I keep them in a needlework case that travels from room to room with me. I promise to share them separately another day.

I also forgot my heavy-duty, needlepoint canvas-cutting shears and my scissors used just for cutting multiple layers of fabric for those raw edge quilts and garments. They're safely tucked in the back of a drawer in my sewing cabinet so I missed them.  The latest addition to the collection - a small pair of embroidery scissors with a British flag paint job - didn't make it into the shot either. Next time.

In my defense, I will remind you that I have three different sewing/serging machines that reside on three different cabinets, so it's hard to keep them herded into one organized group. In the interest of efficiency (yea, that's it!), each table has its own set of scissors (and needles and threads and other tools). That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

What do you call a collection of scissors anyway? A herd? Or a flock? How about a "litter" or a "pride"? Hmmmm. I think I like that one.

Are you a collector of special things in your work room? What do you find yourself looking at whenever you head into a quilt, needlework or fabric store? Certain tools, like rulers? Come on. Spill. I won't tell a soul. Your secret will be safe with me.

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The French Bear said...

Oh my, this makes my little scissor collection look so small...but I really can appreciate the whole scissor love thing!!!!

Sarah said...

Donna, I laughed when I saw this. I've long added sewing scissors to my stash. Just can't resist them when I find a new, interesting design. ;-) I recently decided to keep them all in a couple of containers that sit on the shelves in my office. That way I can enjoy them all the time rather than have them sitting in sewing boxes or totes. One day I'll have to do a special post on just scissors. Would love to see your rabbit scissors.....Sarah

laurajane said...

There are things in life that you just can't have enough of....scissors are one of them...
Laura xx
Love your collection.

Jeannie B. said...

loved seeing your collection!!

Deb said...

Oh I love scissors. I collect them with reckless abandon. My husband doesn't understand why I have so many. Then I have to collect flower frogs to store them. Again, he doesn't understand. I also collect miniature sewing machines. He still doesn't get it - but he doesn't have to. I love looking at all those things when I walk into my sewing room.

Createology said...

Scissors are very important tools and one must have the proper tools to do the best job possible. I have shared before about my scissors and how Mr. C doesn't understand why I would ever need so many! Your collection is marvelous dawling...Cutting Edge!

Debbie B said...

Love your collection. I love scissors too and have probably more than my fair share. I have some that are pretty to look at but my favorites are the ones that cut fabric like butter. I don't have to worry about having my good scissors "walk off" I'm left handed and my right-handed family cant use them!!!

The Village Queen said...

Im so happy to see someone else collecting sissors too! I dont have so many little wonderful embroidery types, Im going to have to work on that!


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