October 9, 2012

Friendship From NZ...

Marrianne's Friendship Block
I always get excited when I find a package from Marrianne in my mailbox. I know there's going to be something wonderful inside...and she never fails to deliver.

Marrianne is also participating in the Farmer's Wife quiltalong and she made a Friendship block for me.
Look closely. See where she "signed" her block and a little note for me? That's all hand-stitched!!! Teeny, tiny stitches by her own hand. I'm love this special touch, girlfriend!
She told me in her note that she's been trying her hand at bobbin lace. She made this sweet, caterpillar bookmark for me. I adore it's little bead-y eyes! You're really doing a great job with your new endeavor. He's a sweet, little treasure and I'll have fun using him, too!
There's only one thing she sent me that I couldn't photograph...her traditional bag of Pineapple Lumps - a Kiwi confection that I have received from her in the past - and really look forward to.

Honey, the post office mangled my lumps! They were squished, melted and trying (hard) to get out of their packaging. They "chocolated" all over your quilt block. I had to toss the sweets, but I immediately tackled the block with my favorite cleaner, soaking it until the stains came out. It's newly pressed and photographed and now will be a treasured addition to the friendship quilt I'll make some day.

Please, please don't worry about the pineapple lumps. I've actually saved a little stash from your last shipment, so I do have some. In fact, I sat down and ate a few after I had to hold a "ceremony" for the new package. (sniff. sniff)

Thank you so much for your generosity, and sharing your talent with me. You know how I love you, and I value your friendship every day. (Do you realize it's been over four years that we've been long-distance friends? Yup!)

Marrianne doesn't have a blog, but you can follow her progress on her Farmer's Wife quilt on our Flickr album (here). Her blocks are really beautiful, so please check them out. Once you're there, click on the link that will take you to all the photographs in the group so you can see how much everyone has accomplished. It's pretty impressive.

Thanks again, Marrianne. Your Friendship block from me will be on its way very soon. xoxo

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Createology said...

Love the blues and the tiny little stitches with her name and love note. Four year friendship via blogging...wonderful. I am amazed that you got the chocolate stains out so perfectly. Wonderful Wednesday Dear...
I am off to check out the Flickr album now.

Minimiss said...

Yikes, my head went all prickly when I read about the chocolate mess. I'm so glad you were able to clean it up. I promise to double-wrap next time.

Thank you so much for your kind words. Wow, 4 years, it seems like minutes yet it seems like forever. We WILL get to meet in person one day.

Thank you too for being such a great QAL hostess. I don't think I ever would have actually started the FWSQ, let alone finished it, without your leadership. Haven't quite finished yet but I do intend to.


DeeDee said...

what a fun stitch along you are in... I love all the details.. this ones signature is so special...

Shirley said...

Hi Donna,I have enjoyed looking at your friendship blocks and I have looked at the Farmer wife Quilt blocks that you all have made. Beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing the quilt. I have basically been making small things right now easy to take with me as hubby is in a nursing home getting physical therapy after spending some hospital time. I haven't had the time to read sure wished I had a lap top while I was in the hospital. I am trying to catch up with friends. Have a great day. I am off to work to try to do some more catch up. Hugs from Your Missouri Friend.


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