September 30, 2012

By The Light Of The Moon...

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Happy October, everyone!
Unless there were clouds in your skies this weekend, I know you saw the incredible Harvest Moon. It was large and bright here in south Florida, and the weather is starting to turn here, too. It's not as humid as it was all summer, and cooler evenings have us anxious to roll out the Harleys. Saturday was perfect for a dinner ride, so we backed the bikes out and went to a new local barbeque restaurant to give it a try. (It was great, by the way.)
Our Harleys l-r: Donna's Deuce and Handsome's Heritage Softtail Classic
No pictures of us in our jeans and favorite Harley shirts, but here are our bikes in the parking lot. As you can read from the caption, my Deuce is on the left and Handsome's Heritage Softtail Classic is on the right. People always stop him to tell him how much they like the colors of his bike...frequently they are women. Our joke is that he tells me, "It's ok, honey. I tell them my wife picked the colors." Uh, huh.

I've only been on my bike once since May, so it was nice to take our dinner ride. I'll be riding a lot more this winter, because I really miss it when I don't take the bike out.
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I think the most wonderful thing was that, as we rode home, that beautiful Harvest Moon rose over our shoulders to light our way home. I looked in the rear view mirror at our last turn before reaching our driveaway. What I saw were huge, fluffy storm clouds beneath that moon. I wished I could have captured it to share with you, but it's burned in my memory, and that's the next best thing.

I have lots planned for October. This week will start out slowly because I have another procedure (Phase II) tomorrow, but after I get over that, I'll be rarin' to go...more Farmer's Wife blocks, a lap quilt finish, working on the guild block and who knows what else? What do you have planned for October? Do tell!


  1. Great post Donna,we had the beautiful harvest moon too.
    On Saturday night when I went out with my pup.the moon was big and bright,and the sky was clean,you could count the stars.I always get very nostalgic,don't know why,bit of an old romantic .
    Love this time of year.
    ( well I love every time of year really,just glad to be above ground)
    Hugs Laura.xx

  2. I love the big bright Harvest moon and I was watching it with awe and allure. How fun to enjoy riding your bikes and going to a new restaurant. As for October...I plan on working on my FW blocks and doing the projects I didn't get done (or begun) in September. Healing prayers for your Phase II. Falling into Autumn Bliss...

  3. Great post. I want to see a video of you riding that bike, girlfriend!!!!!
    Donna I hope all is well with you... I am not sure if I have missed something in your posts (phase 2)? I shall keep you in my prayers. Take care.


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