September 25, 2012

Ahead Of The Game...

I just had to share my October block for Sandy's 
 Quilt Shop quiltalong. I'm ahead of schedule for a change! 
This is my interpretation of the block for the QAL.
Remember that each of the gals participating in the QAL designed one
 block,  except that I designed June and July. Nancy designed this block for
 October, and this is her original version that we all used as our starting point.

I first completed all the applique' work - by hand, this time.
I wanted to practice the technique we'll be using for the guild album quilt.
I'm really happy with the way my stitching looked and my applique'
technique has vastly improved from the first class project I made.
I fussy-cut a whole pumpkin patch from a great fabric I found at 
the shop, and then I hand-embroidered tendrils on the leaves.

Of course, my spooky version would have a howling corgi puppy! 
I found an image online by doing a Google search, sized it and then printed
 it on fabric to put him in the pumpkin patch. After all the hand stitching,
 assembly and quilting, I added more embroidery for the corgi "arrooooo".

I've always practiced a new technique on each block, so none of mine
are "perfect". On this one, I wanted to try quilting echo feathers on the
border. It's a good thing this is the October/Halloween block, because 
my work there is really, reaaally scary!  I think I'll do more practicing
on fabric pieces until I get much better at this technique, but for this little
quilt I think I can pull it off. After all, it's supposed to be hair-raising,
and this echo feather quilting on my borders definitely is! lol
 I'll be able to take it to the shop this Saturday to add to the rest!
Doin' a little happy dance here. I'm ahead of the game this time!

You know, I don't usually decorate seasonally, so at the end of the
year I'm going to have twelve little quilt "banners" that I won't be
using around here. I'm trying to decide what to do with them.
 I'm not really sure if they're worthy of giving away to anyone.
Any ideas?

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Buttons said...

Good Morning Donna, nice. I love your howling corgi! How fun it will be to see the different variations of this block. Have a great day! (*_*)

Marydon said...

YOU, my friend, are amazing. This is gorgeous. Love the pooch!

Have a great day ~

Minimiss said...

That is so nice Donna. Isn't it a great feeling to be ahead of something for a change?

I'm with you on the free motion quilty thing - it requires ALOT of practice. Yours looks pretty good. A blind man on a galloping horse would never know the difference, in fact I think lots of people would never know the difference. Keep up the good work girlfriend.

Rettabug said...

Oh is just DARLING!
I think you should buy yourself one of those little tabletop quilt hangers so each month's block could be on display on your kitchen island or in your pretty sewing room.

Look here:

creativedawn said...

Hi Donna,
You could have a giveaway if you just don't want them.


DeeDee said...

I love that you try new techniques on them all.. what a fun way to learn.. and I love this cute little hanging..

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I know for a fact any of your blog buddies would be thrilled to have one! You are so talented! I mentioned you on my blog this morning! Hope you can stop by soon! Hugs!


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