September 28, 2012

Another Surprise, Another Block...

A Friendship Block from Karen of Karen's Needlework
I don't know what it is about going to the mailbox. I've always been "such a kid" about the walk down the drive to open the box and see the contents. Lately, it's been more fun than the usual bills, catalogs and political placards. I've been surprised almost daily by puffy envelopes addressed to me.

Yesterday, an envelope arrived from sweet Karen of Karen's Needlework in Missouri. She's also making Farmer's Wife blocks to create a quilt. If you'd been here, you could have heard the "awww" I uttered when I opened it. Aren't those sweet Labrador puppies?

In addition to the Friendship block, Karen also created two iron-on acorn transfers for me. She really knows me, doesn't she? Now, all I have to do is decide how I'm going to use those pretty acorns. I know I'll think of something...and I'll be sure to show you where they end up.

Thank you so much, Karen. I love the fabrics you chose, and the acorns were really a wonderful touch. I so appreciate your friendship, and the gifts from your hands. xoxo

Please be sure to click on the link (above) for Karen's blog. She's now making doll clothes and accessories for American Girl dolls. (I know that some of her creations are going to end up with our granddaughters!) She has all kinds of interesting things going on at her "place". Please visit and leave a note to tell her how fabulous she is.
#62 Old Windmill
Of course, I managed to make one new block today. I chose #62 from the Farmer's Wife book. I used a paper foundation for this one, too. The foundations make my blocks so much more precise than piecing. Another one for the stack.

I'm off to Sandy's Quilt Shop to deliver my October mini quilt for display. There will be coffee, conversations and friendship...and we always sprinkle laughter into our visits. I really like starting my weekend with my quilting friends.


  1. Love the blocks...and aren't the acorns sweet! I'm also starting the FW quilt but plan to use templates. How does a person find the Paper pieced ,patterns, or are you making your own? Thanks!

  2. I love the Old Windmill block..I think it's one of my favorites.

  3. Very sweet of Karen to make you some acorns and send you a Friendship FW block. There certainly are a lot of little pieces in this windmill block. Thank you very much for the warning on printing the blocks to foundation paper. I had printed each one to copy paper just for reference and yes they are too small. Mr. C helped me with the correct printing size and I am ready to try paper piecing. Happy day at the quilt shop with friends...

  4. I'm a mailbox nut too. DH knows not to throw any of the junk mail out until I've had a look at it - just in case there is something I need. It would be nice if there were no bills but we can't have everything.

    You are surely making some lovely FW blocks. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. you are certainly welcome, i had such fun making them, i'm not sure which of us had more fun lol ps excuse the writing, my keyboard is on its last leg, new one due in tomorrow. and -who- doesn't know that you love acorns - question mark.... lol and smiley face .... karen


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