September 9, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now...

I thought you might enjoy a few photos from Saturday's guild workshop.
We all got together to begin creation of our American Treasures Album Quilt.

We had twenty quilters in attendance, and when we packed up at 4 pm, 
eight blocks in progress left the workshop in the hands of the leaders 
of each group. (The leaders are the women who will be responsible 
for the actual applique' stitching when the blocks are ready.)

 We began by watching the dvd which is available for purchase from
Pearl Pereira at P3 Designs, followed by a little hands-on practice
using small kits we'd assembled. Each kit included a pattern, fabric
and template paper for each attendee to get a feel for the process.

 In no time at all, they were all ready to get started on the actual
blocks and patterns, and the rest of the day was spent creating
elements that will go into their respective blocks.

 It was especially interesting to see how the groups for each block
formed and how well everyone worked together toward a common goal.

The leaders chose the blocks they wanted to work on, and then the women
broke off into groups. Once they opened their kits, there was the option
to switch out a few fabrics if they saw something they liked better for
individual elements. Thankfully, most of them were completely satisfied
with the fabrics that I had selected for their kits, so that didn't take long.

 There were people who prepared the template paper, traced pattern
pieces and then cut them out, arranged the pieces on fabric and made
each element for their blocks and then arranged them on the pattern.
(Disclaimer: Those pizza boxes were donated by Michelangelo's Pizza 
in North Port, FL specifically to store and transport the blocks and pieces as 
they're being created. There was no food on the tables while they were working!)

As the elements were created, members went back to the pattern to insert the
 elements into the layout, and then decide what should be made next. My task
 was to make sure they had the supplies they required or answer their questions.

 I got excited right along with each of the women as their blocks started
to come together. Small successes which lead greater successes.
Greater successes to result in our wonderful 15" blocks when they're finished.
Then we'll be ready for assembly.

We'll be having more workshops to start the other blocks, (there are 
twenty in total) and the leaders will have workshops on their own, too.
There will be "hives" of activity within our guild as we all work
toward our common goal. There is going to be a stunning result.
I can see it so clearly already.

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laurajane said...

All working away like little beavers.
I am getting very excited about this quilt Donna,can't wait to see it progress .
Laura xx

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a difference it makes to work together with 'help' nearby! Very nice!

Mandy said...

Those pizza boxes sound an excellent way of transporting the pieces and the blocks. How nice to have a friendly company willing to donate some.

Createology said...

Your organization of everything is clear in these photos of the ladies working diligently. Working together is always a wonderful way to get something done. Kudos to Michelangelo's Pizza for donating the boxes to keep blocks securely together. Great beginning Donna Dear...

Michelle May said...

Looks like everyone had such a good time. It's going to be a gorgeous quilt! :)

Minimiss said...

Wow, that's some organisation you've got going on there Donna. Even the wee snippets in your photos look great. The finished product is going to be amazing.

Queenie Believe said...

How wonderful when folks come together so cooperatively on a common goal. You are bless with a lovely quilt guild.
Have a great day.
Always Queenie

Pat from Florida said...

What a wonderful project! Wish I lived closer.

Sharon said...

This looks like a wonderful project. I can't wait to see how it turns out. The last photo really caught my eye.

DeeDee said...

this looks so fun.. I love the WAZOO! shirt too.... :D


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