September 18, 2012


 I continue to make progress on the Wisconsin applique' block.
Monday, I finished the nest, along with more leaves and stems.
It's really starting to fill out now. I love the eggs, which are formed
from a beautiful robin's egg blue batik. The fabric makes the eggs look
dimensional, and every little bit I add makes it come alive even more.

 I didn't get as far as I hoped by yesterday.  I wanted to be able to take
it to last night's guild meeting, but I'm happy with where I am so far.

I'm planning to have all of the components assembled by the weekend,
and then I'll transfer all the elements to the block background fabric.

I wanted to work on it again yesterday, but I had to have a little procedure.
 Afterward, I took some pain meds and slept the rest of the afternoon away.
I'll get back to it today and then show you photos when I transfer it to fabric.
(I'm ok, by the way, so don't worry.)

For the Farmer's Wife participants
I'll be adding twenty more paper foundations this week. You can
download them as you want and I'll send a group email to let you know 
when the newest ones are ready for you to add to your library.

See you tomorrow. I'm going to get back to it for today.

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Buttons said...

Good morning, Donna glad you are feeling ok! I love this block you are working on. When I saw the sketch, it reminded me of the robins nest we had this summer. The eggs were so beautiful. In all the years we've been here, never had a nest. It was above our front porch light. Unfortunately, the pair abandoned their nest after about 6 weeks. Seeing that block in a quilt is a nice memory. Can't wait to see everyone's hard work together when the quilt is finished.

Createology said...

Thankfully you are feeling okay. I sent you my prayers and healing hugs dear. This block is spectacular. You are so correct in that the batik fabrics bring the eggs to 3D. I also love the subtle black polka dots for the Robin. More resting my friend...and more stitching on your beautiful masterpiece block.

Claudia said...

Glad to hear you're okay, Donna. That block is going to be beautiful.


Terri Sue said...

This is just beautiful Donna. The block will really be wonderful when it is done. I hope you are feeling alright. I'll say some extra prayers.
Terri Sue

Pat from Florida said...

The applique looks great! So this is the prep? Is that an overlay? Trying to figure how you are doing this. I'm a backbaster, and I know it's not that.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

This is beautiful, Donna.
I hope you are recovering and feeling better soon.

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness it is gorgeous already! Hope you are feeling better.Your in my prayers! Hugs to Tag. Kiss those ears for me.

DeeDee said...

Keeping you in my thoughts to feel better soon... you have made some great progress here... I love watching it grow... it will surely be beautiful..


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