September 6, 2012

Enjoying A Peaceful Process...

Supplies to make the Farmer's Wife #11 Broken Dishes block
I really love getting back to the Farmer's Wife blocks!
I pull out a foundation for paper piecing a block, 
choose the fabrics, then cut, piece, sew, press, trim and repeat.
Two completed rows for #11 Broken Dishes
 If you're a paper piecer, you know that the actual lines for the pattern
are on the other side of the paper from what you see here. You lay
the fabrics out on the right side, then reverse the layout onto the back. 
Flip the paper, holding the fabrics to the back side and stitch on
 the lines on the front  - through the paper - to the fabrics on the back.
 Flip to the fabric side, open on the seam, press, trim, 
press and on to the next piece in the line.

All completed rows for #11 Broken Dishes
 It requires your attention, but it takes on a certain quiet and joyful
rhythm. (Remember my term "needle dancing"?)
It's a peaceful (pieceful) process and I take great pleasure in it.

All that I have left to do on this block is sew the rows of triangles
to each other and this block will be finished. I'll have 
another completed block for my Farmer's Wife Sampler quilt!

I'm all ready for the workshop tomorrow, so today I can play.
Today, I shall needle dance with the Farmer's Wife.

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Michelle May said...

Love those blocks. Have a fun day dancing. ;)

Createology said...

Happy needle dancing with your FW blocks. Such peaceful (and pieceful) fabrics you have chosen. Blissful Stitching Dear...

Sue said...

Pretty blocks, I sent you an e-mail about the QAL, just wondering if it went into you junk mail?
Happy Weekend!

Sarah said...

So pretty! I smile at the idea of "needle dancing."


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