April 13, 2012

Sand and Sweetwater...

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Tag and I are taking it easy. He's lying upside down and sleeping as I write this post. Perhaps he's dreaming of running in the sand at the dog beach? Soon, Little Man. No swimming 'til you're healed.

I'm back in the studio working on a project that I'll show you next week. In the meantime, I'd like to share one of my favorite Etsy and blog sites with you.
Sweetwaterscrapbook on Etsy
Have you ever visited Sweetwater? (Their blog is subtitled Make Life Sweet and this is the link, but don't run off quite yet.) The company is a mom and two daughters (Karla, Susan and Lisa) who create all their wonderful products in Colorado.

I'm sure you've seen their designs before, and you've seen the quilt I created using their Pure™ fabric line. (Here's that blog post.) I love everything they design and create, but I think their Pure™ line will remain a favorite. What I want to tell you about are their fabulous fabric labels!
Sweetwater Sewing Organizer Labels
They have a great line of patterns that call for their labels, but many of the labels can be used for other projects, too.

I know you want to go check them out, so this is the link to their Etsy shop. Have fun window shopping (or spending a few dollars). They ship quickly and their products are all wonderful. (No. I'm not being compensated in any way. I just like to share great finds.)

Leave a comment today and I'll share a little Sweetwater love with you! (Make sure I have a way to reach you. I can't contact "no comment bloggers", so if you are one, be sure to add your email address to your comment so I can get your mailing address!)

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll chat again soon.

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Charlie and Wendy said...

Thanks for the link Donna, it is a gorgeous site and their designs and products are beautiful!

heartsease54 said...

I love Sweetwater too. I belong to their label club & usually end up buying the kit that goes with it-it is always so reasonably priced. Label club is something like 6.99 per month & they send you their label(s) for the month + a personalized one. I just cannot wait to get my hands on their new Mama Said Sew line. I'm talking yardage here!

Quilt Kitty said...

Thanks for the link. I like the sewing words subway art. Pure is a beautiful range of fabrics in such subtle colours. Tracee xx

Shirley said...

Hi Donna, I have been visiting just haven't been able to leave you a message. I was reading at work on my breaks and lunch time. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all that you create. Everytime I use my mug mat I think of you my friend. It is raining this morning and cool. Have a great day. I think they are so cute when they lay upside down. Your Missouri Friend.

Tina Eudora said...

Give that wee Tag a cuddle for me! I will be heading over to Sweetwater for a little browse now, but will be watching for updates on Tag the Magnificent!
Tina xo

moosecraft said...

I'd love a little Sweetwater! Most of my pieces have been prim, neutral and dark... but, recently I have been looking to introduce more "happy" colors into my stitches... the fabrics in their etsy store heading look so Summery! Rest up little Tag! You've got the whole Summer ahead!

Michelle May said...

Love that photo! Where on earth did you find that?
Gonna hop over and check out this site now.

Createology said...

What a lovely link you have shared..both blog and etsy shop. Glad to see Tag is resting and you are sewing/serging...

Tins and Treasures said...

Good afternoon, Donna,
Thank you for sharing their link. I have been looking for a place to buy some fabric labels. Have a great week! ~Natalie


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