April 4, 2012

Against The Wind...

I'm a busy bee these days! If you haven't heard a response to your comments left here lately, please accept my apologies! I read each and every note you leave for me, but I have a few deadlines staring me in the face and they're nearly requiring my undivided attention.

I'm making these...

 and this...

 and a little of this, too.

Orders that need to be finished and shipped.
One quilt that's progressing nicely, and 
the two QALs calling to me at random moments.

Still a few other projects yet to be started and requiring a quick finish.

"...deadlines and commitments.
What to leave in, what to leave out..."

I'll get everything done. I always do. It's almost a game with me.
Make a list. 
Select patterns and fabrics.
Check off as I accomplish a project.
Fret the deadlines.
Crow when I'm finished.

Check back for updates, my friends.
(Cheerleaders appreciated!)
I promise I'll keep you posted.

5 friends clicked here to leave a note for me:

Kris said...

Have fun keeping busy, Donna!! Remember, it is all about the enjoyment factor!! Kris

Carol said...

Cheering you on!

Michelle May said...

Right there with ya girlfriend. Just not enough hours in the day for all the fun!

Minimiss said...

Great fabric selections. You have me intrigued. I know you will get your projects done on time - you always do. Nothing like a bit of time pressure to get you going.

Createology said...

Your work is stunning. So many projects yet so little time. You are amazing and always complete everything just in time. Happy stitching in your lovely studio...


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