April 2, 2012

Tuesdays With Tag - It's Party Time...

 It's me...Tag!
Guess What?
Today is my Birthday!!!!
I'm one year old today.
(See? Even my ticker says so!)

PitaPata Dog tickers
 Mom said I should put on this special corgi crown to
mark the occasion. I'm not too thrilled with the silly thing,
but I always try hard to make Mom happy.

 I'm so glad you could be here to share my big day with me!
Mom said that she's got a few fun things planned
for my celebration. Hmmm. I don't know what she has
planned, but I know what I have planned...

 I'm thinking that some chillaxin' will be in order...
after my morning walkies, of course!

Mom found me on the ottoman and grabbed her
camera to take my picture. Then, she told me I'd
better get down before Dad saw me or he'd kick
my cute corgi butt! You'd better believe I hightailed
it off that sucker as fast as my corgi feet could carry me!

I'm planning to get my morning and afternoon naps in either out on 
the pool deck or on my favorite blanket in front of the patio door.

Mom said she'd make my favorite corgi-shaped dog biscuits today, too.
They have peanut butter in them, and extra-crunchy Jif is 
Mom's and my favorite ingredient. Mom said people could eat
my biscuits, but she promised that they'll be just for me!

 So, how are YOU going to celebrate my Birthday today?
I hope you have something fun planned at your house.
Just remember that corgis know how to have a good time,
and if I could, I'd come and visit every one of you so you
could actually see for yourself. I'd make you laugh for sure!

I have a little doctor's appointment next week.
Mom said I'm gonna get "nootered".
She's not worried this time the way she was with Fezzik, so
please don't worry about me. She knows I'm going to be just fine.
I wish she'd tell me what "nootered" means though.
She just smiles and says I'll find out soon enough.

Anyway, come back next week. I'm sure there will be a few
pictures of me wearing The Cone. Mom can't resist taking my pictures 
(in case you haven't already noticed. sheesh)
Can anyone tell me what The Cone is?
Mom said it's a present I'll get from the doctor after my appoitment.
Somehow I think I'd rather have a doggie biscuit!

Anyway, I've got lots of celebratin' to pack into today.
We might even go and get a new toy for me at PetSupermarket!
Gotta run!

See you again soon! 'til then,
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

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Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Hi Donna!
I've missed SO MUCH while I was away from BLOGGING! WOW "TAG is 1". Happy Birthday to you baby boy! He's a real BEAUTY!!!
Have a Wonderful Easter Week,
Big Hugs to you,

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, Handsome Mr. Tag!
From all the girls at our house, we love you!

Lee said...

Happy bithday big boy just love your postings.

Mandy said...

A very happy birthday to you, Tag. I know you will have a very special day.

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Donna,
I can't believe that Tag is already a year old...it seems he just came to you as a baby! It sounds like you have a great day planned.

And my plans today? It is testing week at Central...some serious stuff, you know. Say a little prayer for our Juniors.

Have a terrific Tuesday. ~Natalie

laurajane said...

Have a great birthday Tag.love from me and Lilly.xxx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Gosh time is flying by. 1 year old.
Happy Birthday you peppy pooch.

sissie said...

Happy Birthday Tag!

Party down Dude!!!!

hugs from Gizzy and Gabby.

Quilt Kitty said...

Happy Birthday Handsome Tag. That is the best smile you are wearing in your last photo. I bet you are a bundle of fun so wish you could visit too. Don't worry about your medical appointment next week, trust mom knows best & wouldn't let anyone do anything they shouldn't. A few of those peanut butter treats may be in order once you get home though precious little man! Tracee xx

Vickie said...

Happy Birthday Tag!! :) xoxo

Michelle May said...

Happy Birthday nephew!!!
You look so adorable wearing your birthday crown!
Wishing you a fun birthday filled with every Corgi happiness.
Love ya, Auntie Shell
p.s. Mom's new frig looks pretty!

natalyK said...

Happy Birthday Tag!

Snap said...

Many Happy Birthday Wishes to you, Tag!!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday, Tag! You are such a handsome 1 year old! My doggies are going to get an extra treat today and I'll tell them it's because we're celebrating your birthday! Have a fantastic day! Twyla

Sue said...

Happy B-day, Tag! I know you're king of the Corgi's in your household. :-)

downsize said...

You've grown into such a handsome Corgi, Happiest Birthday Wishes Tag!

Shell said...

Too Cute, Love the crown!

Thanks for the smiles today.

Hugs and love,

Createology said...

Happy 1st Birthday Tag Dear! You do look regal in your birthday crown Mom made just for you. You should feel like the King with it on...and kings can do anything they want! Your Jif biscuits sound pretty yummy. Not to worry about the "nootering"...it is your "right of passage" to manhood err doghood? You will do just fine and I imagine you will get lots of Jif Biscuits and treats. Happy PetSupermarket shopping for your birthday. Celebrate extra today Tag...

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Tag! We sure hope you have a great day! We've decided we're going to celebrate along with you...we've told our mom that we get extra treats today in your honor...she said that would be just fine. We love peanut butter too...do you think your mom might share her treat recipe? We'd love that!
ENJOY your day...
Howie and Zack

Queenie Believe said...

Happy Birthday Tag! Yay!!!!
In honor of your birthday I did the Office Chair Happy Dance, a celebratory dance usually reserved for Friday's Away the Mundane. I busted a move just for you! :o)
Have a great day!
Always, Queenie

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Love these adorable pics of Tag! Happy Birthday, little man and many more!
Henry wants to know about all this nootering business, too. Must be something special. ;)
Big kisses birthday boy!

Elsina said...

Happy birthday Mister Tag, you look super!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Happy birthday, Tag!

Val said...

Happy Birthday Tag!!!! Such a cutie!

Minimiss said...

Happy birthday young Taggart. I think that if your Mom can try and stretch her birthday our for almost a whole month, you should be able to stretch yours until at least the end of the weekend. Have a fun time and enjoy those special doggie biscuits.

Patty said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Taggart!

Terri Sue said...

happy, happy, happy birthday! i can hardly believe you are aleady one year old. tag i just want you to know how special you are, because you helped to mend my very dear friends heart. just keep on smileing at her the way you did in the last picture.
aunt terri sue

zooperson said...

Happy birthday, handsome boy! That crown looked oh so charming. Thank you for all the help you give your mom so she can make such cool blog. I know you deserve part of the credit.

Rettabug said...

I swear, Tag is smiling at you in that last picture! Too, too cute! Happy Birthday Little Guy....I hope tomorrow (or is it today?) goes well for you.


Mirka http://anniemilia.vuodatus.net said...


Just found your blog. I love your work and this post just made my day :D Can´t stop smiling. Thanks!


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