April 26, 2012

Paper Piecing Progress...

Arbor Window
I played with Loreen again yesterday. Four more paper pieced blocks were created to be incorporated into my Farmer's Wife quilt.
Hovering Birds
I think I'm really getting the hang of this! I only had to "unsew" one piece because I misjudged the size of my scrap. (It didn't fit when I turned and pressed it. It was too small.) Nothing serious and I was back at sewing and pressing before I knew it.

Twin Sisters or Whirlwind
Some are simpler than others and that's great. It gave me a chance to work out my technique before I got to the hard ones.
Kansas Troubles
Which is good, because this block - Kansas Troubles - was aptly named. I ended up cutting, sewing and pressing two of these blocks because I wasn't happy with my first effort.

These blocks haven't been squared up yet and the paper is still on the back, but they're going to be added to my stack of Farmer's Wife blocks as the quiltalong continues.

May 1st will debut another set of blocks for the group, but it's really great that there's no pressure to move at anyone's pace except your own. Speaking for myself, I'm having a ball making all these wonderful, historical blocks. One of the most enjoyable things for me is debuting the fabrics and colors. I'll share a photo of all the blocks I've completed so far during May. Be sure to go to the Quiltalong link at the top of my blog so that you can visit all the participants and see their progress, too!

Don't forget that this Monday is Memory Lane Monday in the event you'd like to participate. If you didn't read Wednesday's post, I'm having a giveaway for my readers, too, so go check it out. So much fun going on at Brynwood these days. I'm so glad you're hear to read all about it!

Have a great weekend! I'll see you tomorrow.

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Patty C. said...

Beautiful - This quilt should be just gorgeous !!!!

Carol said...

Donna your paper piecing is wonderful...that has always been difficult for me..never quite get the right size piece on there...your blocks look great!

moosecraft said...

They are all gorgeous! The fabrics in the whirlwind block are so soft and pretty!

laurajane said...

I have the farmers wife book Donna,not yet had the courage to start.your blocks look lovely .xx

Raewyn said...

Your blocks are lovely!! You really are perfecting the technique - well done!

Tina Eudora said...

OMG you have the patience of a saint Donna!
Oh and I received the beautiful labels in the mail yesterday and I was so excited to get that envelope, I can't tell you! And they are perfect for a couple of free-hand fabric art pieces I am planning, just perfect! And the best thing of all was the photo!!! I put it in a frame right away and hung it on the wall. Thank you so much Donna.
I may have to come over and join in on Memory Lane Monday this coming Monday!
Take care and have a wonderful weekend...
Tina xo

Sue said...

Donna, these blocks are so beautiful. I'm really gonna have to hunker down and get mine caught up and I think I shall try some paper piecing too :)
So you are enjoying this software for your Mac? I still haven't purchased it yet because I'm thinking of buying a new Macbook when they come out in June and I want the software to be on that one! LOL

Enjoy your day and thank you for the inspiration!


Minimiss said...

Those blocks are looking great Donna. Nice fabrics.

Createology said...

Your newest blocks are beautiful. Paper piecing must be a good thing since your blocks are very precise. Blissful quilting...

Michelle May said...

Love the hovering birds block. So cool!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Everything you touch is like magic. I wish I had your know how to quilt. "ONE DAY" I have promised myself!!!
LOVE those blocks, Every Single one of them!!!
Have a wonderful time at you coffee with the QUILT GIRLS!
Big Hugs to you,

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your blocks are beautiful Donna, the paper piecing is obviously working!! My favourite part is choosing the fabrics and colours too!


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