April 24, 2012

A Project For The Flying Cloud...

New curtain panels in the living room area
One of the things I missed on our forays in the Flying Cloud was "darkness". When we sleep here at home, there are no street lights or outside lights shining in our windows. Only the stars and moon illuminate the walls of our bedroom. Being a country girl, I really like that. No. I actually need that.
Close-up of living room curtain panels
When we stay in campgrounds with the Flying Cloud, there are always street lights. Always. We close the blinds, but the light peeks in around the sides. Then the light bounces around off our aluminum walls and it somehow augments the effect. In one campground, we were so close to the light that it fairly lit up the inside of the bedroom! I decided at the end of our trip last fall that I'd add faux curtains. Just enough fabric to block that sneaky light.

I took 13" wide strips of fabric, 32" long (for the living room windows...longer and wider in the bedroom). I chose one of the fabrics that I used in the quilts I made last year that you can read about here). I folded it lengthwise with right sides together (so that the fabric was double thickness) and stitched across the top and down the open side. Then I clipped the corners, turned it right-side-out and pressed the fabric. I created four pleats across the top and stitched them in place.
New curtain panels in the bedroom window above my bed
I hung them using those adhesive velcro strips that remove without leaving any damage behind. One side adhered to the wooden valance that was installed on the camper, and the other was stitched to the curtain to keep it in place on the fabric. At the bottom of the curtain, I stitched a round, plastic ring in place. I attached the curtains at the top and then slid the ring onto the clip that holds each end of the blind in place. Now the bottom of the curtains won't flap around.
Curtain panels above Handsome's bed
When everything was in place, I checked to see how snugly it fit to the wall. No light bled around our new curtains. Voila! The next time we sleep in the Flying Cloud on our travels, we'll dream in the dark.

I can check another project off my project list now. I'd love to make new slipcovers for those cushions in the living room/kitchen area, but that will be for another time.  (I'm actually think of using quilts that I'd make just for upholstering, but canvas would be good, too!)

Come back tomorrow. I have a little something that was offered to me by a friend for a blog giveaway. I'm going to offer it to one of my lucky blog friends.

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Sherri said...

Don't you love when you can check a project off your list! I do.

FYI: I'm almost done with the shell I'm making for myself out of the pink yarn I bought from you!!

Queenie Believe said...

As the saying goes necessity is the mother of invention, excellent solution and beautiful to boot.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Createology said...

I am certain you sleeping in darkness will now be a reality...however I like your curtains because your Flying Cloud just looks more homey and cozy now. The quilt looks wonderful and the matching curtains completes the look. Happy checking off of projects. You really get a lot accomplished my dear...

creativedawn said...

I really love the name of your traveling home! Those are some lovely curtains and quilts. It looks really comfy! I might have to re think that RV traveling...hmmmm.

laurajane said...

Flying cloud,what a great name.We are looking for a motor home ,now we are both retired and have Lilly,we thought it would be the ideal time to have a good look around .But Bri wants to put one of his motor bikes on the back.so he can still go ridding while away,mmmm We'l see.xxx

Michelle May said...

Perfect! Such a cozy spot.

Buttons said...

Catching up on blog land now that we are back from vacation. (pretty much Internet free)
Great idea and timely. Since we got our motor home earlier this month, we've been working on all things that need some tlc. All furnishings are in great shape really, for it's vintage 1989 but the curtains in the sleeping area above the cab need some help. They are those short curtains that are hung with little clips to a runner top and bottom. Some of the clips are missing and one has been totally replaced with a mini blind. Alas, your idea of new with Velcro I think will work like a charm! Thank you!


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