June 30, 2016

A Holiday Message From Tag and Bella...

Brynwood Needleworks - Fireworks Tag

  Hi, Everybody!
It's me again. Mom said Bella and I could come back this weekend to share another message with you. This time, we're here to remind you to take extra good care of your pets this weekend.

Lots of dogs, cats and other animals really don't like the loud noises and flashes from fireworks. Did you know, this weekend is the busiest weekend for shelters each year? Yup. Pets get scared and then run away. It's pretty dangerous for them if they're scared and runnin'.
Brynwood Needleworks - Fireworks Bella
Tag and I want you to know some great ways you can keep your pets safe and comfortable this weekend.

1) Prepare a safe space for your dog. Tag and I love our kennels, so I'll naturally head to my kennel crate when I want to relax. Make sure there's a comfy cushion in it and then put a few treats in the crate to keep your pet busy with something yummy.

2) Toys are always a good distraction. We can play to keep us busy during the noisy parts.

3) Make sure your pets are tagged and microchipped, just in case the celebration starts when they're outside doing their business and run off scared. Someone who finds them will get them scanned first to see if they're chipped. And, if your pets are already chipped, make sure your information is up to date. (You can do that online!)

4) Best of all...Staying home with your pet is the best medicine. Cuddling up with you on the sofa sure beats shivering in a corner alone!

This is something Mom found online. If your dog gets scared and you don't have a Thunder shirt for them, here's a way to do a makeshift Thunder shirt for them.

Facebook image

  I'm glad that Tag and Bella got together to share their pointers with you.
Our family hopes all of you have a safe and happy 4th with your families and pets.
Donna, Handsome, Tag and Bella

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Createology said...

Tag thank you for reminding pet owners to be careful and keep safety in mind this weekend. I just reminded my Granddaughter to keep Shadow safe. He is her Black Lab who is not three yet. Safety in mind...enjoy your Fourth my little Corgi Cutie.

Mandy said...

What a very timely piece of advice, Tag. I live in the UK and although we don't celebrate July 4th, we do have other events which use fireworks. My own dog, Ella, a much loved Husky/Akita cross is very scared of them.
I was intrigued by the "Thunder Shirt" since I'd never heard of these. It is definitely worth a try if it can ease Ella's fears. Thanks for sharing the idea.
Have a lovely time, Tag, with the black dog, Handsome and Donna. Keep safe.
I really enjoy reading about your adventures.
Best wishes,


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