June 22, 2016

An Angel On His Shoulder...

Brynwood Needlework - Woolen Strawberry In Progress
I was at Nifty 50s yesterday and this is what I worked on. Jamie was leaving early to pick up a friend at the St. Pete airport, so I stitched on while the ladies sewed. 
About twenty minutes after she left, she came back into the sewing room to tell us that she was still in the parking lot, helping an elderly gentleman who seemed lost and confused. I went outside with her, to find this man sitting in his still-running vehicle with the door open.

She explained that he told her he couldn't remember how to get back to his nursing home. She had her iPad with her, so she searched local facilities and called their phone numbers. After contacting the fourth one, she finally found that he'd be missing for a while and people at his home had been looking for him. They said they would contact the local police department and get him picked up.

I knew Jamie had to get to the airport, so I told her to leave and I'd stay with the man until he was safe. In the meantime, our friend Kathy (who used to be co-owner of Sandy's Quilt Shop) came out to help me. Thankfully, the man wasn't beligerent. He quietly sat in his car, dozing off from time to time. We reassured him that someone was coming for him.

After waiting at least another half hour, I contacted 911 myself. While I was on the phone, a vehicle pulled in with a lady in the passenger seat. The man driving said he was with security from the nursing home and the lady was the gentleman's wife.

My heart melted when she got out of the car, ran to her husband's vehicle, put her hands on his face and kissed him. She said, "It's okay, honey. I'm here to take you back home." He was so happy to see her - and you could see how his fear was eased by her presence.

The security man spoke with the 911 dispatcher I had on the phone, and told her that they were going to make sure the gentleman got safely home, and they needn't send an officer or ambulance. He handed my cell phone back to me, and we went inside, knowing that he was in good hands and would be okay.

In this day and age, it's good - for so many reasons - to keep your eyes open to events unfolding around you. Yesterday, Jamie's attentiveness made all the difference for one family.
Thanks to Jamie for stopping (in spite of her tight schedule) to help the man; and to Kathy who thought to take a cup of water to him while we waited. Jamie said we had our own little Silver Alert this afternoon. His car was only a few yard from a wide open boat ramp into the Peace River, so we believe he had a guardian angel on his shoulder. We were just her helpers.
I did finish the embroidery on my piece, which will be made into a lavender sachet for my client this morning. I'll have it done in time to go with today's mail...with plenty of time to have lunch with my girlfriend and start another project before the end of the day.


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Mandy said...

Such a relief for you and your friends to know that the gentleman is now safely back home again. What a worry for his poor wife.
I'm just so glad that you and your friends were there and able to help.

Createology said...

One act of kindness saved a lot of people and anguish. Bless each of you for taking the time to help this man in need. I have tears...of gratitude...for very special angels which each of you are. Thank you. Your newest lavender sachet is stunning dear.

CathieJ said...

That wonderful act of kindness will be returned to you in the future.


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