June 23, 2016


Brynwood Needleworks - Blue Tequila Restaurant

Handsome and I have the best neighbors, Rich, Stacey and their two teenagers. Stacey and I try to have lunch together a couple times a month, usually on Fridays. As Handsome and I are off to train with Bella tomorrow, Stacey and I decided to go to a new, local restaurant yesterday.

Blue Tequila is located on Tamiami Trail in North Port, and we highly recommend their establishment. In fact, we both said we should do this again soon with our husbands.

Brynwood Needleworks - Blue Tequila Restaurant

The interior is quaint and colorful, and the staff is friendly and attentive. The menu? Fabulous, authentic, fresh Mexican cuisine. Delicious, Mexican cuisine.

Our hostess seated us and then a server brought a flavorful salsa and chips while we decided what to order. We added a little guacamole appetizer and visited while we chose our entrees.

Brynwood Needleworks - My girlfriend, Stacey, waiting to eat.

Stacy always orders a chicken dish. It doesn't matter where we go. So when she chose chicken fajitas I wasn't surprised. She took home all our leftovers.

Brynwood Needleworks - Having lunch at Blue Tequila
I chose a single, shredded beef burrito with salad and rice accompaniments. I ate the burrito and salad and left the rest. That was plenty of food...well, except for a little dessert. We ordered sopapillas...tiny fried, puffed tortilla shells, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, and drizzled with honey. They were served hot. We got one order of them, which we shared, and we still couldn't eat them all.
I know many of you are states (and countries) away from North Port, FL, but to my more local readers, I can safely say that this is the tastiest Mexican food I've eaten in sw Florida. It's well worth the drive.
Destiny is back at the spa as of yesterday. Rather than play in the studio after lunch, Handsome and I drove back to Bradenton to drop her off. She needs a new automatic needle threader, which I apparently damaged while horsing a wallet around under the needle last week. 
It's actually amazing to realize how much you can come to appreciate a simple feature on a machine. When I'm changing out thread colors, I'm so accustomed to threading the machine and then pushing a button to thread the needle. It's especially wonderful when I have to change 15 or more times to stitch out an embroidery. A recent order required that I embroider a design onto the exterior flap, and I squinted, mumbled and grumbled at every thread change.

My current outstanding orders can be sewn either on my Janome 3160 or Kenny, so now is the best time for Destiny to go on break. She'll be back some time next week. I'll get the rest of my orders out while I wait for her.

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Createology said...

Oh Yum! The drive would kill me but that new restaurant looks and sounds delish. How sweet to spend time with your neighbor. Sorry Destiny is down for a new auto threader. She really does do a lot of stitching with so many custom orders you fill. Take care of your feet my friend. Healing Energy Hugs...


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