June 1, 2016

Number Forty Five...

Brynwood Needleworks - 45 - "Seamstress" Wallet

I finished the first of three client commissions yesterday. This client supplied the fabrics and specified which fabrics she wanted used for the exterior, interior and for the frame on the wallet flap. Didn't she choose some fun fabric?

Brynwood Needleworks - 45 - "Seamstress" Wallet Interior Detail

I also like the interior fabric...sewing machines! More fun. I think someone is going to be happy with this gift from my client.

Brynwood Needleworks - 46 - "Day of the Dead Dogs" Prep

I've cut and prepared all the fabrics the same client sent for another gift wallet. This is a funky "Day of the Dead Dogs" fabric. (I checked and Timeless Treasures created a cat fabric like this, too!) She asked that I showcase the Chihuahua, but there are other breeds that will be on the body of the wallet.

I'll assemble this one today and they'll both be treated with Scotchgard™ and shipped on their way tomorrow. I show the finished version in my next post.

Brynwood Needleworks - BW Acorn Pincushion Commission
On Tuesday night, I stitched out another Acorn pincushion that was ordered after I posted photos of my prototype. All I have left is to stitch the opening (for the filling) closed and add the tiny acorn charm. I'll do that first today, and this one will be ready to go to its new home, too.

Can you believe it's already June? In sw Florida, that also means the start of the hurricane season (which runs through the first of December). To coin a phrase often spoken in Wisconsin farm country, "I guess I'll just make hay while the sun shines!"


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Createology said...

You really are making fabulous wallets and accessories. Your client has some fun fabric choices indeed. "Day of the Dead Dog"...who knew?!! Love your Limited Edition Acorn pincushions. No Hurricanes...No Hurricanes...No Hurricanes...


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