June 3, 2016

June is Wisconsin Dairy Month...

I'm sure that, by now, you're aware of my affinity for barns, farm livestock, country living and my home state of Wisconsin. I saw this poster on Facebook yesterday, reminding me that Dairy Month is celebrated in June "back home".

When we lived there, we were smack dab in the middle of farm country, and it was wonderful. We awoke extremely early one morning to the sound of barking dogs. They were more animated than their regular "car in the driveway" alerts, so Handsome and I got up and went downstairs to find out what lit them off.

As we came down the stairs to our entry hall and glass front door, we saw a heifer standing on our front stoop, her nose schnozzing up the glass! When we got outside, we saw that she had five or six of her girlfriends with her, milling around the kennels. They were curious and thoroughly nonplussed by all the carrying on behind each kennel gate. No wonder the dogs were so excited.

So, here's to the girls that made us giggle early that morning; to all the hardworking farmers (many who were good friends) who are stewards of the land and livestock, without rest or adequate recognition for all their dedication. You're calling to us and we hear you. Handsome and I are looking forward to being back again very soon. 

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Createology said...

I have never been to Wisconsin but I do know how dedicated the Farmers and Livestock are for the best dairy products in America. I am grateful for anyone who toils from dawn to dark and never get rewarded for their dedication. Thank Yoiu...

Danice said...

Oh I did not know that you are from Wisconsin. 'Never been there, but always wanted to visit. Dairy Month is something we should all appreciate. For me, June is birthday month, as we have 4 family members with birthdays that month :)


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