June 26, 2016

A Little Getaway...

Brynwood Needleworks - Training Day At The Ranch
I hope you had a nice weekend. We sure did! Handsome and I packed up Tag and Bella, a few clothes and headed over to the other side of the state for the weekend.

It's always fun to visit with our friends, Mike and Joann, and a training day for Bella is always a great time. The weather was hot HOT, so her workout was short, punctuated with water work to cool her off. 
I injured my foot recently, so Mike's assistant, Rene' took me from field to field on the "gator" (atv). Then, he made sure I had a chair and umbrella whenever we stopped, so I'd be comfortable and have some sun protection (in addition to my "stylish" hat) while I watched the dogs work. After he dropped me off, away he'd go to set up for Mike's training exercises.

After all the dogs on the truck got their training for the day, we headed back to the house for "movie night". We'd brought a dvd with us (Roy Orbison's A Black & White Night concert, which is a true classic) and then we watched a movie that Joann picked up (A Royal Night Out - a comedy based on Queen Elizabeth II and her sister, Margaret on VE Day, marking the end of World War II). Sarah Gadon was delightful as the young Elizabeth II, and Bel Powley was a hoot as her younger sister. You can click HERE for a short trailer from the movie.

Destiny is still at the spa, so I've set up my Janome 3160 QDC until she returns. I'm teaching a quilting class today, but my Janome and I will be back to work later this afternoon. I'm looking forward to a busy week!


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Createology said...

How very nice to have a short get-a-way. Your smiles show all having a good time. Thankful you had a chauffeur to save you from walking on your feet. Now the heat is here and it is toasty. No pool to cool us off.


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