July 1, 2016

Ready To Relax...

Brynwood Needleworks - Mighty Oaks Project Tote

I got the last of my pending orders completed and shipped yesterday. (I do have three wallets to make next week, but these had July 5th deadlines.) I wanted to have them on their way before the holiday weekend got in full swing. I made it!

Brynwood Needleworks - Strawberry Lavender Sachet
I had another woolen strawberry piece to stitch, but this one wasn't a pincushion. My client wanted me to fill it with lavender buds. I think it smelled heavenly, and I packaged it in plastic to protect it in transit. It left for its new home mid-week.

I'm going to clean up the studio today, and then I'm going to enjoy the rest of the weekend. I think a cookout is in order. How about you?

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Createology said...

So happy to hear you will be relaxing and enjoying this Fourth of July weekend. Your completed gifts are gorgeous and perfectly stitched. Yes, a cookout sounds divine.


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