July 10, 2016

Memory Lane Monday - Where It All Started...

Brynwood Needleworks - The Budding Seamstress
Although I don't write Memory Lane Monday posts any longer, I came across this photograph over the weekend. I'm going through closets in preparation for our eventual move, and found this in an old, falling apart photo album. I just had to share it with you.
This is me at twelve years old. 
Yes, I know. I was a real fashion plate, right? My dress was dark green velvet, and although it seems a bit short to me now, twelve year old me loved it. It was my Christmas dress in 1966.
I'm sure you're wondering why I chose to share this particular image with you. I mean, why would I want to post a photo of this short-haired, classes-wearing, awkward girl-I-used-to-be? The real reason is that piece of furniture next to me. That early-American piece is a sewing cabinet, and inside is a 1965 era Elna sewing machine. 

My best friend, Cyd's dad, Don, used to sell sewing machines. In 1965, he sold the Elna to my mother. It came with six free sewing lessons. When he tried to schedule her for her first lesson, she pointed toward me and told him, "Teach her." She never learned how to use it, but man, I sure did! I took to it like an otter to water.

I would go to the sewing machine store where Uncle Don (that's how many Brits teach their children to refer to adults who are family friends), taught me how to sew. I learned straight and zigzag lines, and how to use the included cams to create decorative stitches. I don't remember my first project, or the model number of that machine, but I think I'd recognize it if I ever saw one again.

This photograph was taken fifty years ago in December. In the ensuing years, I've created many articles of clothing for myself and others - and everything from pillow cases to wedding dresses. All because the person who purchased this machine never really wanted to use it. (Maybe she just liked the cabinet?) No matter the reason, I'll always be grateful to Don for persisting until there was a sewing machine in our house. Little did he know (or perhaps he did), that it would forge a love for a pastime that would last a lifetime.

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Jacque. said...

What a great story!! Love the look, too. Thanks for sharing. xo

Sewing In CT said...

Hi Donna - So, that picture would have been taken about when I was born. The number 50 has been coming up a lot lately!!!! Thanks for sharing!

Createology said...

Donna this is such a great story of how and when you learned to sew. I think you were adorable and easy to see how you loved your green velvet dress. Sheesh...in 1966 I was graduating from High School and this year is my 50th reunion...which I shall not attend. I did attend the 25th reunion and it was everything you ever hear...All the jocks vs cheerleaders are still in their cliques and so on...
I was a complete wallflower and never popular with the "rich kids in-crowd". My class claim to fame...Jackson Browne was my classmate and not popular either.

Minimiss said...

Great photo. I remember the first sewing machine that belonged to me. A good old Singer. Prior to being given it I had used my Mum's Janome under thread of death if I broke it. Like you, my sewing has been a life-long pastime.


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