May 12, 2015

Birds In The Pineapples...

"All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy."
(Or "Donna a dull girl", in this case.)
I can't be expected to spend all my time packing and cleaning, right?
I'm sooo glad you agree.
I saw this image on FB (I think it was a link from "24 Quilts"), and fell in love. The block pattern is called "Pineapple". Perfect for a Florida quilt!

I think the quilt in the picture was created with Kaffe Fassett fabrics, but I don't have a large enough assortment of those fabrics (yet). However, I do have a lot of batiks, so I went shopping in my inventory and found just the colors I wanted to use for my own Pineapple quilt.
Rather than make opposing, matching sides (as in the photo), I alternated the two colorways throughout each block. I used an orange, leaf print fabric in the center and then chose a different batik fabric for the corners that had a few others colors in it.
I made one block on Monday night, and then made three more yesterday, during the day. Handsome really likes this one. He said, "This is going to be a colorful rascal! How big is it going to be?" I think I'll make it queen-size, which means I have a few more blocks to make.
I just placed these four completed blocks next to each other to show the layout I'll use when I'm ready to assemble them into a quilt top. Yes. I really think I'm going to love "Birds in the Pineapples", which is what I'm going to call this one.
You're wondering how I came up with the name? The white fabric is actually a tone-on-tone white. See the subtle pattern? Hence, "Birds In The Pineapples"! 
By the way, I wrote a post a while back about the ruler I use that makes these blocks a cinch. Click HERE to read all about it. (And this is the post I wrote about my first, finished Pineapple block project.)

I'm also knitting on my blue shawl at night after dinner. My plan is to sew a couple of blocks each day, along with the packing and cleaning, and then knit in the evening. Covering all the bases, and feeding my creative imperative at the same time. Genius, right?

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Kris said...

This is going to be a fabulous quilt, Donna!!

Createology said...

Yes, Genius! You are so smart to be doing a little of everything you love during this time of the unknown. Lovely Pineapples Dear...(are you blushing?)

Sewing In CT said...

I have this ruler and made a pineapple quilt top. I love it. It is waiting to be basted, quilted and bound, then I can really love it! I also used a tone on tone white. It gives depth nicely.
Can't wait to see more!


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