May 19, 2015

Guild Goodies...

We saw so many lovely quilts during Show & Tell last night. I just want to let you see a few of my favorites. Jamie S. made this bright and happy quilt.
Janice H. took a paper piecing class. She said the teacher said it was "supposed to be fun". I think she was taking issue with that, but she finished a gorgeous quilt!
Pauline B. has been a guild member since its inception over twenty five years ago. She's very prolific, too. She brought a whole tote filled with quilts, but I'm going to share two of them.

This one had a cute story. It was a guild project where you paid ten dollars for the first two blocks, and when you brought those back to the guild, you got the next blocks at no charge. She made all the blocks for only ten dollars! She said the rest of the fabric was half price (when Sandy's Quilt Shop went out of business last year), so it was a pretty and inexpensive quilt to make.
Her second quilt was mostly hand appliqued'. She told us that there are embellishments to add (buttons and such), but she won't attach those until after this quilt top comes back from the longarm.
This smiling face belongs to Rosemary. She brought chocolate chip cookies for our after-meeting reception...and everyone raved about them. For one thing, they're really chunky and big! I made a batch last week that were (again) disappointingly flat!

We had a long conversation about her technique and what she's done differently since moving to Florida from up north. I learned a lot and can't wait to try out her version of the Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe! I've made the original recipe since I was twelve, and I just won't settle until they look like the ones I used to make in Wisconsin.
Just look at what's left of them! They're really beautiful! Of course, they were delicious, too. I can say one thing is certain. Handsome doesn't mind my multiple attempts to make a perfect Florida cookie. He is happy to eat my experiments. 

I'll let you know when mine finally turn out like Rosemary's. I can't try this morning. We have another showing and have to be out of the house (with Tag and Bella). Maybe after we get back home...

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carolg said...

Jamie S., I do not know you, but want to be your friend. Love that quilt! Donna, I found a solution to the chocolate chip cookie issue. I have my sister-in-law make them. XXOO

Createology said...

The smell of fresh baked cookies will sell your home!!! Lovely projects from such talented ladies. Keep baking dear...


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