May 15, 2015

I Can Play Today...

As much as I wanted to dive right into stitching this block, cutting and layout was all I could do yesterday. Block Four is nearly ready to start stitching, once I fuse everything down to the ground fabric. Rather than do that, I had housework calling my name.

I packed four boxes out of the kitchen, cleaned cabinets and vacuumed each room. I ran two loads of laundry, which are now dried, folded and put away. I made calls for a painter to come and freshen up the front entry - and then met with two of them in the afternoon. Did I mention that Tag and Bella were wrestling and running for a good portion of that time?

I had a busy, busy day. It just wasn't in the studio. It's not easy making a home that is still occupied look like no one lives in it. We told the realtor that we'd only require a two hour notice for showings, so that means that Handsome, the dogs and I need to be within an hour of "show ready" at all times.

That also means that, as much as I'd like to, I can't always be playing in my favorite room in the house. The good thing is that I know if I work today, I can play tomorrow! The great news is that "tomorrow" is today!

Happy Weekend, Everybody!
I hope you get to play today, too.

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Nancy said...

Moving and keeping a house ready for showing is such a struggle and so very tiring . Best of luck.

Createology said...

Well said on all fronts. I cannot imagine living in my home and having it "show" ready at all times. Best of Luck and thankfully you are able to fit in some PLAY time. Wonderful weekend and may your buyers come along soon.

Jacque. said...

Have a great day playing!!! Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish.


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