May 6, 2015

That Special Touch...

I'm having a grand time in the studio these days. First, I finished those projects that have been sitting for a while, and now I'm able to work on the giveaway gift for Carol.

I'm only going to show a few photos today. I have more to do, but I'm not going to finish every single page. I'm leaving space so that she can put her own personal touch to the book.
I'm stitching laces and beads, and I've included some of the colors Carol told me are her favorites.
I'm sewing in sweet elements that are dear to my winner, too. Everything that I'm using is from my own supply of beautiful drawings (by Michelle Palmer), charms and trinkets, and assortments of vintage threads, ribbons and laces.

I'm hoping to get this finished and on its way by the weekend. Of course, you'll get to see more photos before I send it off. Right now, I'm just having too much fun sorting through bits and bobs as I look for that special touch to add to each page.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh, you are sooo bad! A sneak peek to get me drooling. My heart is beating fast looking at this post! I am a lucky lady and you are very generous.
xx, Carol

Createology said...

Carol will just absolutely swoon when she receives this beautiful handmade treasure from you dear. Your designs and work are such perfection. Every little detail so thoughtfully implemented. Creative Bliss...


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