May 27, 2015

I Almost Made It...

I played with the gals at Nifty 50s yesterday morning, and then ran errands until mid-afternoon. So, right after dinner, I headed back to the studio, intending to complete Block Five.
I almost made it. I stopped stitching at midnight with only two blossoms to go. 
  I did stitch the circle above the lavender-colored blossom on the left side of the
wagon, but forgot to photograph it after it was done. I'll finish this block today.

I've already set my sights on Block Six. It's the sweetest little owl you ever did see!

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Createology said...

Sew Sweet! These little bits and pieces really come together and have such personality when you stitch them with your perfect tiny stitches. Lovely Day of Stiching Bliss Dear...

mray said...

Absolutely adorable! Your hand stitching is amazing Donna. I am inspired to keep stitching....for the pure joy of enjoying the quiet time.


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