May 17, 2015

It Was A Great Weekend...

Don't let this picture fool you. Bella is quite the handful. She's smart, and she sure knows how to have a great time. The naps come after rounds of wrestling with Tag; fetching in the yard and swimming in the pool. Those breaks are a good thing, too. She's keeping us on our toes, and her naps are sometimes also our naps!
When we weren't chasing the puppy, I could be found in the studio. I fused the pieces down for Block Four of the Wooly Critters Sampler, and then set it aside for the next time that handwork is more convenient than machine work (ie., house showings where we have to disappear, sitting with the Divas at Paneras, or Nifty 50s).

The rest of my free time was spent making more Pineapple blocks during the day...and knitting at night.
I have eight finished blocks in the studio now, so I'm off to a great start. (Only thirty or forty to go!) I might even get a few more done this week!
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One more thing...I posted this image for Mother's Day in honor of Mom Grace. She's no longer here where I can call, see or touch her, but her love will always be here with me.

"Patchworker", my dear...I wish I knew who you are or how I could contact you directly, but I post this today for you. Love Never Fails. May that be a comfort to you in the coming days, months and years as it comforts me. Love Never Fails.

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Createology said...

Bella is growing and I am certain has tons of energy to keep everyone on their toes. I took a nap yesterday and then spent the entire night wide awake yet unproductive. Beautiful Pineapple blocks. Blessings...


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