May 31, 2015

A Little Down Time...

A view from our courtyard
I didn't spend much time in the studio over the weekend.
Handsome and I attended a graduation party, and otherwise
spent more time outside than in. The weather was beautiful.
Anyone who knows me well, knows that I'd rather spend my time with nature
over "city time" any day. After the drive we took to pick up my Destiny on Friday,
 I needed some time away from traffic and crowds. I regenerate when I'm outdoors.
Our beautiful yellow hibiscus blossoms
We walked to our neighbor's home for their son's graduation party, and we 
enjoyed catching up with other friends who were also invited. We relaxed
with the pups in the pool at home, and we did our weekend yard work. We got
the yard all cleaned up just in time for the evening rain that we really need.

I have studio projects and appointments in town scheduled this week, and
this weekend was just what I needed to be ready for whatever comes next.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

My grandniece's graduation party was Saturday. Luckily they had a huge tent because it poured for almost the entire afternoon and early evening. Lots of people left earlier than they would have, but that left mostly family and it was nice to chat with them for a while. I'm pretty much an introvert so the smaller gathering made the event much more pleasurable for me. My own grandson graduates next Sunday. Hard to believe my kids are all grown up now.
xx, Carol

Createology said...

Wonderful way to end May and begin June with renewed energy from Nature herself. May June Joy be yours everyday dear...

Rebecca Nelson said...

Going to try and catch up to see how you've been. I've been gone a long time. Just so much life stuff and we are finally able to slow down.

Hope this finds you happy and well.

Great way to end May and begin again with June.

Many blessings~

Rebecca (@A Gathering Place)


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